How To Deliver Podcast Interviews That Attract 4 & 5 Figure Clients

Deliver a Podcast That Can Attract a Steady Stream of Ideal Clients

Being a guest on someone else’s podcast or online show is a valuable visibility strategy. First, you are in front of a new audience with your message and second, you are borrowing credibility and influence from that host. But most importantly, in my 22 years of marketing expert-based businesses, sharing your message in front of a new audience is the best way to attract ideal four and five figure clients.

As hot as this strategy is, less than 30% of the experts being featured on podcasts are experiencing a good ROI from their effort. Since I’ve successfully monetized being a guest expert over and over for the last 10 years, I’ve discovered that many coaches, consultants and service providers actually miss some key factors during the interview!

On episode 324 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’ll share what it takes to deliver a podcast interview that can attract a steady stream of ideal clients and new opportunities.

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Key Takeaways

  • [3:57] The problem with so many people in an industry clamoring over the same client attraction strategy.
  • [6:05] What the most common problem is when an entrepreneur’s podcast guesting strategy isn’t delivering a good ROI.
  • [13:44] The importance of picking the right audiences, podcasts and shows to share your message to.
  • [15:57] How to use intentional credibility boosting stories that act like a magnet to potential clients.
  • [17:38] My “breadcrumbs to binge” technique that creates a prospect nurturing effect.
  • [19:50] Why its critical to have a compelling invitation from each interview (and what to do once that new connection claims it.)
  • [22:25] Update on Amplify Your Success Podcast listeners doubling in the last three months.
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