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Small tweaks (as a podcast guest) that can lead to better results from your visibility efforts

There is a lot of frustration amongst coaches and service providers who have tried being a guest on popular podcasts.

They’ve heard that podcast guesting is a great way to be visible, attract clients and boost their authority – but instead of getting a lot of clients and leads, they are not seeing any results.

The culprit lies in four common monetization mistakes and in episode 380 of Amplify Your Success, I uncover what is missing.

From understanding the importance of having a unique and magnetic topic to mastering the art of communicating your message in a compelling way, these insights can revolutionize your results from podcast guesting. 

Uncover the power of aligning with the right audiences and designing a strategic customer journey that amplifies your visibility and leads to impactful results. In this deep dive into the world of podcast guesting, learn how to avoid these monetization mistakes, leverage your visibility, and make a significant impact in your industry.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [04:06] Embracing an opportunity to optimize your approach to podcast guesting

  • [06:44] How fixing mistakes leads to big, fast payoffs.

  • [11:18] Why you want to stand out with unique, relevant, magnetic topics.

  • [13:20] What happens when you over-deliver in communication (hint: you don’t want to  overwhelm listeners.)

  • [18:07] Being mindful of choosing aligned audiences for better results.

  • [20:01] Magnetic interviews perform better with a clear customer journey.


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Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Download the FREE Scorecard to identify if you are making any of the 17 Mistakes That Guest Experts Make That Cost Them The Lead & Client
  • Guest Expert System (the proven strategy to monetize your appearances on podcasts!)


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