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If You Are Frustrated By The Chronic Struggle Around Making More Money Then It's Time to Solve The "Inner Game" - Barriers to Consistent, Predictable Cash Flow

I'm excited to send you access to the Profit Explosion Toolkit but before I do, let's check and make sure there aren't some sneaky success barriers that are the real problem behind your cash flow issues.

Read over the signs below of the single most common reason super-smart, very capable entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and expert-preneuers struggle with achieving prosperity (and if you find yourself on this list, take advantage of this one-time special to get Profit Explosion Toolkit FREE when you enroll in my proven MoneyDNA 2.0 money mindset transformation program.)

  • You hold back from investing in your business because you believe you can’t afford it.
  • You are routinely making “just enough” to get by.
  • Your coach, friends or colleagues tell you that you undercharge but you can’t imagine charging more.
  • The fear of what you will have to give up or change to be more successful is keeping you from achieving more success.
  • Map out your dream team to help you achieve 10 times more, profitably.
  • You are still doing it all yourself because you can’t financially justify paying others to help you.
  • You avoid looking at your bank statements (you tell yourself you don’t have time.)
  • You are so busy with everything on your plate you never have time to focus on the bigger opportunies.
  • Often you suspect you are blocked by an invisible wall keeping you from achieving your next level of success.
Leigh Schutzky

Before following Melanie’s MoneyDNA program, I was limited by beliefs that were keeping me from breaking away from a W-2 job into offering full-time personal coaching.

I purchased Melanie’s MoneyDNA program in January 2020.  Videos and exercises within the program helped me identify MoneyDNA “Blueprints”, aka my personal limiting beliefs.  I then followed her program to release blocks and finish recoding strategies.

I left my W-2 job in summer 2020 and launched full-time coaching services by year’s end.  Using the MoneyDNA program was a key piece in undoing my old money beliefs; thank you, Melanie!

Leigh Schutzky Life Coach
Cindy J Holbrook

“I was determined to change my money situation when I joined MoneyDNA in 2013. I was tired of struggling to make ends meet each month. I decided that I was going to attend every session and complete all of the assignments. This decision changed my life, my business, and my money stories!

It was very insightful to understand my MoneyDNA Blueprint so that I could move through the head trash that was keeping me stuck. But my big a-ha was realizing I was stuck in limiting stories.

The story I had been telling myself for years was that I would get in BIG trouble if I asked people for money, which naturally was not conducive to a coaching business! By following the MoneyDNA process I was able to upgrade my story! Now my business has continued to grow each and every year. I’ve raised my fees several times, without blinking an eye. I owe so much of my success, to the fact that Melanie helped me understand what my own money blocks were and develop my own thriving MoneyDNA blueprint.

To this day, if I feel any blocks, I continue to use the MoneyDNA tools to get back on track!”

Cindy J Holbrook The Visibility Wiz

The Solution?

Retrain your mindset, habits and decision making to match the kind of person who EASILY generates your revenue goals (literally becoming a money and success magnet!)

Normally $1497, Enroll Today and Get $1,000 off ...

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And As A Bonus I'll Gift You The Profit Explosion Toolkit For FREE!

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Through my proven eight part online program you'll gain access to cutting-edge brain retraining that will help you radically transform your ability to increase cash flow.

At the completion you will have a new "success" mindset that acts like a magnet to attracting high paying opportunities, clients willing to invest more to work with you, and a focus on actions that drive meaningful (and BETTER) results.

Here's what's included in the MoneyDNA 2.0 Money Mindset Program.

  • Eight online trainings that guide you through the neuro-training and business strategy behind increasing your money magnetism.
  • The MoneyDNA Money Assessment that instantly illuminates your current success barriers as well as your MoneyDNA Blueprint. This Assessment will help you prioritize your money mindset training steps.
  • My exclusive Freedom From Debt Planner that show you how to get out of debt so you can "set it and forget it".
  • My powerful Money Magnet Planning Toolkit that, with a few clicks, will easily calculate your highest revenue potential (as well as any cash flow pitfalls.)
  • The Breakthrough Procrastination and Fear Audio that retrains your mind to break free of fears that are holding you back.
  • My Morning and Evening Wealth Activations that allow you to go to sleep with me in your ear and wake up feeling ready to CRUSH your day.

What will we cover? Here's a quick snapshot of the eight steps.

  • Session 1: Discover The MoneyDNA Thrive Principles (once you learn these you'll immediately experience a shift in your confidence and personal power!)
  • Session 2: Release your Success Barriers (uncover what's REALLY in the way and dissolve its hold over your greater success.)
  • Session 3: Recode Your Mindset for THRIVE (just like I'm coaching you privately to recode your money mindset for automatic success!)
  • Session 4: Daily MoneyDNA Mastery Practices that help you focus, get more done and stay positive!
  • Session Five: The Automatic Success Business Models (decide which one you will implement to increase your revenue potential.)
  • Session Six: Money Magnet Systems to help you keep more of the money you work so hard to make.
  • Session Seven: The Freedom From Debt Planner designed to help you create a debt payoff plan so you stop stressing and start manifesting more money!
  • Session Eight: Upgrade your Navigation System Goal Magnetizer (the ULTIMATE way to lock in your biggest, boldest goals!)
Christel Weyerich

“After working this process I changed my story around money, instead of thinking I was in an endless pit, I made a debt payoff plan that is achievable.  As soon as I felt that weight lifted as far as that being a big issue in my life, I manifested $1600!  Got a refund insurance check I didn’t realize I was owed.  Awesome!”

Christel Weyerich Healing Christel Etsy Store
Allison Babb Phillips

“I’ve repeatedly enrolled in Melanie’s programs for 3 key reasons:  First, she’s just MASTERFUL with moving you through and past your mindset barriers in a really short period of time (literally minutes!!).  Secondly, she’s the person I run to when I need to create more back-end structure to support my business growth.  And third, she’s the hands-down expert on helping business owners build strong support teams within their businesses. I continue to turn to Melanie for her amazing coaching and support in all of these areas.  I’ve had a few mindset coaches in the past, but I kid you not, just 10 minutes on a call with Melanie is worth anything she charges for her work.”

Allison Babb Phillips Great Small Business Advice

Normally $1497, Enroll Today and Get $1,000 off...

Just $497

And As A Bonus I'll Gift You The Profit Explosion Toolkit For FREE!

(but once you click away from this page the special prices disappears too.)

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