Are you a visionary entrepreneur, thought leader or small business owner who is tirelessly working, yet struggling to turn a profit?

Check out this 4 Step Formula That Can Radically Improve Your Results This Year.

Hey, it’s Melanie Benson here, and I’ve spent over 15  years coaching small business owners on how to get better results -- by doing small things 100 times more effectively.

If you know how it feels to work tirelessly only to have money coming in but nothing left in the accounts at the end of the day, then you are facing the same dilemma as many other entrepreneurs.

I’ve coached people who feel stuck with cash flow challenges who are working way too hard for way too little for many years, and have developed an easy-to-enact strategy that is designed to give struggling entrepreneurs a doable way to strop grinding out a living, and start building a profitable, sustainable business. It’s a straightforward and on-target method that I guarantee will grow your profits year and year.

As an internationally known Profit Amplifier and Leadership Mentor, I have mentored thousands of entrepreneurs into breaking multiple six and seven figures in their own business. I’ve been where you are now, and I understand exactly what you are going through. In fact, back in 2001, my small business was flying at top speed… right into the ground. But in 2004, I perfected my profit producing recipe, and that’s when I broke six figures.

Now I want to share this exact system with you.


Introducing the Profit Explosion Toolkit (Normally $97)

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What is included in the Profit Explosion Toolkit:

  • An in-depth 60 min online training that divulges my clear-cut steps on how to create a permanently profitable business. I'll guide you through the 7 most common Profit Leads, my 6 factors of profit boosting, and how to use the 4 part profit planning toolkit.
  • You get the downloadable MP3 audio of the training that will allow you to listen the most important parts of this powerful presentation at your convenience.
  • You get my exclusive Profit Focus Plan that will allow you to move your business profit goals from your head into action items. This tool is so valuable, I’ve only used it on my top tier clients that spend $15,000 per month with me and now I have decided to share it with you in this toolkit.
  • You get my powerful Hidden Gold Revenue Planning tool that, with a few clicks, will easily calculate what parts of your business you should focus on in order to meet your goals. I just completed this spreadsheet with a VIP client of mine and we uncovered $600,000 in potential revenue. Mind Blown!
  • You get my invaluable Annual Offerings Roadmap that will allow you to plot the ultimate marketing plan of product offerings for the upcoming year. This tool will answer all your questions on the most profitable way to offer and market your products.
  • Finally, you get my turn-key Marketing Planner that will reveal the power of each of your marketing channels and how to make the most profit from your product offerings.

The Profit Explosion Toolkit $97 Value

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You can get the Profit Explosion Toolkit by clicking below.

My personal coaching clients pay me anywhere from $3,500 to $15,000 for the secrets I am offering in my Profit Explosion Toolkit.  I have guided numerous clients through this process and seen the difference it has made to their bottom line. Don’t just take my word for it, take theirs…

Catherine Newton Catherine Newton, Law of Attraction Coach, New Zealand

Using these tools, Melanie helped me see where my cash flow dips could be improved by better planning out my offerings. Instead of racing from launch to launch, I was able to plan for the income I desired (and consequently I doubled my six figure income!

Brian Kaskavalciyan Brian Kaskavalciyan, President, G4 Marketing

Melanie helps me figure out what opportunities to focus on. With just one conversation she helped me escalate the trajectory of our now high six figure marketing business…When I give her money to mentor and guide me I always make a heck of a lot more money in return!

Michele Pariza Wacek Michele Pariza Wacek, Your Ka-Ching! Marketing Strategist and Direct Response Copywriter

I finally learned how to stop the freelancer trap of up and down cash flow cycles and consistently break six figures – while spending more time doing what I love. The key was learning to delegate profitably and scale my offerings more effectively!

Pam Ivey, Cert SBM,PREA,CRESS,CMP              Pam Ivey, Cert SBM,PREA,CRESS,CMP , Online Marketing Expert: Trainer, Speaker, Author, Mentor & Co

Selecting Melanie as my business coach has been without a doubt, one of the best moves I have made for my business, focus and sanity. I have been working with Melanie for a while now, and I’ve come to rely on her advice and accountability as a valuable part of my business.

Honestly, I have seen small business owners lose thousands of dollars a year because they haven’t implemented these easy strategies into their business.  Now is the perfect time to change your business so for a limited time, as part of the Business Success Launch Party, your copy is free.

After May 7th, the investment goes back up to $97.

If you ready to see how easy it is to change your business from struggling to thriving, then don’t wait, click the button below to gain access. Now is the time to stop struggling every day just to make ends meet.  Make the next 12 months your best yet!

The Profit Explosion Toolkit $97 Value

Thanks for participating, the giveaway is now over. However, you can still get the Profit Explosion Toolkit by clicking here.

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