Using Your Business to Build Personal Wealth with Erinn Bridgman

Find Out How Your Business Can Become a Key Factor in Building Wealth

Your business is a wealth-building asset that is probably being underutilized! Whether you have a 7 figure business with massive profits or are just getting started, knowing that your business should help you build your personal wealth will help you make much better decisions.

From how you price your offerings to how you pay yourself, your business can become a key factor in building wealth – or it can be a time-trap that keeps you stuck in working way too hard for too little results.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 290, I talk with Erinn Bridgman about how to elevate the potential in your business through her five steps to leveraging your business revenue to build your own personal wealth.

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Key Takeaways

  • [4:29] Erinn and Melanie share some favorite travel destinations.
  • [6:33] What the catalyst was behind Erinn’s move from her photography business to creating real wealth (then teaching it.) Listen in for Erinn’s huge mindset tip about not letting her reality limit her potential. 
  • [10:58] How your goals drive your decisions (and the importance of setting the right goals.)
  • [14:19] How to drive profits (not just revenue) and the importance of paying yourself a salary. 
  • [19:35] A common excuse, especially for women, that ends up being a barrier to building wealth.
  • [25:26] Erinn’s 5 principles of building personal wealth from your business.
  • [28:43] Two distinctions on a lifestyle that will radically shift your perspective.
  • [31:57] Erinn shares a life-altering realization about leaning into her intuition. 
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About the Guest:

As a money management and mindset coach, Erinn Bridgman empowers female entrepreneurs to design a business that is not just ‘profitable’, but actually grows their personal wealth. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Erinn cut her chops by scaling her photography business to over six figures in under two years, affording her the capital to begin funding the real estate empire she and her husband now run.

Ever passionate about supporting women as they uncover their own potential and earning power, Erinn supports female business owners to not just ‘scale their business but to use it as a means for building personal wealth. When she’s not working with clients or finding her next investment property, Erinn can likely be found vacationing around the world and spending quality time with friends, her husband, and daughter, Ava.

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