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How to Stand Out Online by Showcasing Your Authentic Superpowers

As a coach, changemaker or trailblazing expert-entrepreneur, standing out in a crowded market is essential to be able to attract the right kind of clients.

Amplifying your personal brand will help you establish and build credibility, provide clarity and a competitive edge in your market, and attract opportunities that can ultimately lead to a thriving coaching practice.

Using video content is an easy and effective strategy to help you build your personal brand and showcase your unique superpowers.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 340, I’m joined by Kellsie Moore, a video presence coach, who empowers brands to be captivating and authentic on camera. We discuss the importance of authenticity in content creation as well as cultivating a captivating presence. And I loved the tips Kellsie shared on creating a routine and support system to overcome any anxiety one might have being in front of the camera!

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Key Takeaways

  • [03:48] Kellsie shares her why video is a powerful tool in brand positioning 

  • [07:28] How to over video shyness for personal branding

  • [10:57] A tip to shift out of inaction

  • [14:33] How authenticity factors in to content creation

  • [17:47] Creating magnetic energy in your videos

  • [21:11] The “Dial Method” for captivating camera presence

  • [24:20] Repurposing video content for multiple platforms

  • [27:57] The trick to creating a content production routine

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About the Guest:

Kellsie Moore is an online business and marketing consultant who specializes in video presence coaching for personal brands. She empowers leaders to magnetize their online presence with authenticity and excellence; to become captivating. Her unique, insightful expertise comes from her work as a professional actress and personal development background after leaving her career in Corrections. 

Kellsie has been featured in New York Weekly, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur Authority Magazine, IMDb, Medium, Voyage, Disrupt, and more.

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