5How to Create Pattern Interruption Content That Converts

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How to Attract Paying Clients With Your Content

If you market your business online, chances are you’ve noticed that traditional content marketing doesn’t work anymore. Perfectly curated social media feeds and well-designed short videos may get lots of likes but they aren’t attracting paying clients.

In order to stand out and win the sale, you’ve got to stop blending in and doing what everyone else is doing online. You need pattern interruption content that moves people out of their routines and into recognizing what they need most – and that is something they might not even recognize yet.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 289, I talk with Kathryn Thompson about the kind of content that is working best right now, and how to create messages that actually produce ideal leads.

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Key Takeaways

  • [4:39] Why traditional content just isn’t working very well in the market right now.  
  • [7:29] The importance of pattern interruption in your messaging so it doesn’t get ignored.
  • [10:44] Why popular strategies like Reels and TikTok give you an illusion of visibility but may not really attract clients.
  • [14:06] The challenge with lower vibration marketing is that uses lots of scarcity.
  • [18:40] What pattern interrupting content really is and how it works.  
  • [22:00] Melanie and Kathryn discuss two examples of pattern interrupting content that they created for Melanie’s Guest Expert System launch.
  • [27:21] Why people are craving real and raw content over perfectly curated social media feeds.
  • [34:13] Kathryn reveals how her bold move was to stop doing what all the experts were doing and trust her 20+ years of marketing experience.
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About the Guest:

Kathryn Thompson is a messaging strategist and conversion copywriter, based in Canada who inspires people to use their stories as a way to create change in the world. She’s an award-winning marketing and communications expert with more than 20 years of experience. After growing one of her businesses to close to a million dollars in sales in less than four years, she sold it with a single email. Kathryn is now the founder of Creatively Owned, a marketing and communications firm that helps entrepreneurs use the power of words to create instant appeal for what they are selling.

Kathryn’s a creative rule breaker that’s constantly challenging the status quo in an effort to empower others to do the same. So you’ll never find her trying to cram you into those cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all marketing and sales strategies. In fact, she’s dying for you to bust out of them.

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