You are so close to catapulting your business to the next level, but this plateau has you feeling stuck.

Your business is successful but you are stressed at the thought of trading more time for dollars.

You want more profits and impact for more people but still LOVE your business AND have the lifestyle you dream of.

You CAN have it all, SHATTER your limits and ACCELERATE your bold goals….

You want to make a greater impact. Deep down inside you have a dream to touch the lives of more people. And you want to be prosperous too.

But somehow you just feel like a best kept secret. There are so many tasks you don't have time to get to that COULD help you grow your business.

And maybe you feel a bit burned out and need a better way to get it all done.

The steps to having a heart-based, financially successful business where you make a difference aren't a big secret. But it does require some bold action steps.

And doing the things that you tend to put off or just quite simply scare you. Maybe your vision is so big that you have no idea how to pull it off.

Or you are the "talent" and the other stuff kinda overwhelms you.

That's why I've created the Own Your Bold™ Inner Circle. For visionaries, expert-preneurs, change-makers and people who are just born to be leaders, but tend to struggle on their own.

But when they gather together with other bold action takers that courage, confidence and momentum rubs off on you -- and you THRIVE.

Own Your Bold Now!

But Are You Ready To Own Your Bold™?

  • Are you determined to grow your impact and income (aka you are willing to put effort and aligned action into place to get better results)?
  • Do you believe in your products, your services and yourself? Do you suspect that you aren’t valuing your expertise and talents to their fullest and thus not charging enough for it?
  • Are you working way too hard for way too little in the results department and you are tired of being busy or overwhelmed all the time?
  • Do you sense that you could have some limiting beliefs, fears or patterns that get in your way of doing what really could work?
  • Do you crave a clear “how” that is positive and inspiring to help you stay focused, fired up and inspired to take big action?
  • Is it time to step up your game and showcase yourself as an expert so you attract more clients that are ready to pay more?

How Own Your Bold™ Inner Circle Will Help You Shatter Your Limits


Before we dive into the juicy details let me share 3 core power areas this program is driven by, that I suspect your business is missing to help you create more visibility, reposition your sphere of influence, build your authority platform and multiply your profits exponentially.


Linda Bertaut

“I met my annual revenue goal by July — because I was able to simplify my offerings and focus in on my highest payoff opportunities. Melanie helped illuminate the best path for me.”

Linda Bertaut Chakralicious
Lorianne Speaks

“In the first 30 days of the Own Your Bold program I had exceeded my income goals — and more than tripled my investment back. In the first 6 months, I was clear about my signature program — and my path to a 6-fig boost!”

Lorianne Speaks Support for Speakers, Authors & Podcasters
Own Your Bold Now!

The Four Foundational Bold Results Trainings To Jump Start Your Momentum


*Upon joining you’ll enjoy INSTANT ACCESS to these four foundational and business transformation trainings to accelerate your momentum!

High Earners Mindset

With the Belief Upgrade Exercise, you’ll learn how to expand your capacity to impact millions & increase your revenue exponentially. Includes a BONUS Tool: 9 Mindset Shifts To Take You From Scarcity To Abundance mindset shifts from scarcity to abundance, and 6 Fast Money Mindset Shifts.

Monetize Method

Learn the Rapid Cash Systems I use and teach my clients to 10x their revenue in 30 days, including how to leverage a premium package to exponentially boost revenue, laser in on your highest paying offer and strategies to create recurring AND consistent revenue for the future.

Influence Factors

Claim your authority platform with these proven 4 Pillars Of Influence so you can reposition your expertise and stand out in your crowded market to turn on the client magnet!

Visibility Amplifiers

Replace feeling invisible with my proven 3 Step “Buzz System” that gets you more speaking opportunities and turns you into a sought-after expert. Potential clients will see you everywhere as the expert and ready to work with you paying the kind of revenue you deserve!

Here’s A Taste Of The Advanced Monthly Strategies That Will Supercharge YOU and Catapult Results!


Each month you’ll access the Hour of Power Call where where I teach a new Bold Growth Strategy, complete with blueprints, templates, action sheets and exercises to help you gain clarity and implement faster. We are all about action to help you out-perform your wildest expectations! Here are some strategies that we’ll dive into.

Bold Client Upgrade Tactics

We’ll deep dive to discover who your ideal client REALLY is, how to re-calibrate your current clients to match them and how to elevate and attract customers that will pay your higher rates so you can make more money faster and with less overwhelm. You’ll be shocked on how easy it can actually be!

The Magic Enrollment Conversation

Learn how to pre-sell your potential client BEFORE the sales conversation so they are ready to say yes to your irresistible offer! You’ll have a sense of relief once you know how to have a confident sales conversation that enrolls more ideal clients, without feeling uncomfortable. We’ll turn you into a confident enrolling machine!

Winning Guest Podcasting Formula

Not only do you get the template to create a winning One Sheet, but you’ll get the magic formula to win over influential podcasters to say yes to being a guest on their show. You’ll find the secret sauce to position yourself as an irresistible guest expert to get a flood of podcast or radio show bookings!

Your Signature Talk Blueprint

Want to be in the limelight, position yourself as the expert and share your message with more people? Use this blueprint to reverse engineer your core offer to create a talk that sells and get booked on more stages with a compelling talk that enrolls ideal clients.

Your Unique Profit Amplifier

Knowing what catapults sales and expands revenue quickly is worth millions to you. But most entrepreneurs spend WAY too much time on busy work that just depletes them. You’ll discover what to focus on that moves the needle quickly.

Think, Scale & Grow Model

Find out how you need to think, and what you need to scale to exponentially expand your reach and rise to the next level of your business. YES 6 and 7 figures IS possible with the right strategies, systems and processes.

Income Growth Generator

Learn the exact strategies I use (and teach my clients) to create multiple streams of revenue, passive income, upsells and partnerships so that I can make MORE money with less work (and stress!). I’ll show you how to leverage your assets, services, products AND talents so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Hire for Growth Method

Complete the Time ROI Multiplier Exercise to uncover the right delegation strategy to grow faster without the stress. You DON’T have to do it all, you CAN scale and get support to help you create more revenue and more freedom.


“I sold more in a weekend than I had in months – by simplifying, taking the challenge and focusing on my one bold goal.”

KITTY BOITNOT Teachers in Transition
Natalie Green

“Melanie helped me get focused so I could make the best decision amongst all of my options. I landed a very lucrative consulting and training package just days after joining her program. I love working with her!”

Natalie Green Author, Trauma to Triumph
Own Your Bold Now!

What’s included in the Own Your Bold™ Inner Circle?

Each month you'll have access to powerful tools and coaching to help you elevate your impact, income AND fulfillment through:

  • To start off, you’ll have access to The Four Foundational Bold Results Trainings that will jump start your power, confidence and clarity.
  • Then we’ll meet with a one on one personalized Clarity Call to diagnose your business growth opportunity and come up with a fast growth action plan.
  • Join me each month for The Hour of Power Call where I reveal a new Bold Growth Strategy then open up for YOU get focused attention on your business growth opportunities, brainstorming next steps and leave clear on a course of action that will propel your business forward. Plus I’ll share a proven strategy to help you out-perform your wildest expectations!
  • Monthly Own Your Bold “Action Sheets” that are blueprints of the monthly Bold Growth Strategy, along with the mindset upgrade and new habit that will "lock in" your best performance and "goal-getting" approach.
  • Access Monthly Momentum Hours providing you with accountability and personalized coaching to tailor the strategies, systems and tactics to your business so you can get off the ground running to shatter your limits and own your bold goal (and yes this is with me!).
  • Weekly Own Your Bold Motivational emails to inspire, help you focus on the right actions and stay accountable to your goals.
  • Own Your Bold Community on Facebook so you can have access to connections, and get the support you need while building new connections with others who are playing a bigger game too.
Christel Weyerich

“After our first call, I changed my story around money, instead of thinking I was in an endless pit, I made a payoff plan that is achievable.  As soon as I felt that weight lifted as far as that being a big issue in my life, I manifested $1600!  Got a refund insurance check I didn’t realize I was owed.  Awesome!”

Christel Weyerich Healing Christel Etsy Store
Patricia Porter

“On the Own Your Bold Mastermind Call Melanie showed me how to break down my big vision so I could start taking action. Instead of feeling overwhelmed I felt inspired to get into action. I love Melanie’s Own Your Bold trainings!”

Patricia Porter Leading to Learning

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  • Monthly Hour of Power Mastermind Call
  • Monthly Own Your Bold “Action Sheet”
  • Monthly Momentum Call
  • Initial "Clarity Call" with Melanie ($500 value)
  • Weekly Own Your Bold Motivation Emails
  • Own Your Bold Club Facebook Group
  • Own Your Bold Challenge Trainings ($77 value)
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  • Monthly Own Your Bold “Action Sheet”
  • Monthly Momentum
  • Initial "Clarity Call" with Melanie ($500 value)
  • Weekly Own Your Bold Motivation emails
  • Own Your Bold Club Facebook Group
  • Own Your Bold Challenge Trainings ($77 value)
  • Bonus: Profit Explosion Toolkit ($197 value)
  • Bonus: MoneyDNA 2.0 ($1497 value)
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Enroll for twelve months on a payment plan and get access to the Profit Explosion Toolkit as your bonus!

Make 12 Monthly Payments
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  • Monthly Hour of Power Mastermind Call
  • Monthly Own Your Bold “Action Sheet”
  • Monthly Momentum Call
  • Initial "Clarity Call" with Melanie ($500 value)
  • Own Your Bold Club Facebook Group
  • Own Your Bold Challenge Trainings ($77 value)
  • Bonus: Profit Explosion Toolkit ($197 value)

Enroll for One Year and I'll Help You Plan your Revenue Rush with the Profit Explosion Toolkit (valued at $197)!

When you enroll in the annual membership, I want to help you plug your revenue leaks while you increase your financial flow quickly.

I'll include access to the Profit Explosion Toolkit (normally $197.)

This four-step planning system is where the big light bulb moment happens!

It includes the Profit Focus Plan, Hidden Gold Revenue Planning Tool, Annual Offerings Roadmap and the Marketing Machine Planner so that you'll quickly see where to focus your time and energy in the business so consistent, predictable income occurs.

The MoneyDNA 2.0 Bonus Gift For Annual Membership (valued at $1497)!

When you enroll in the annual membership, I know you are committed to being BOLD and SUCCESSFUL!

I'll include access to the MoneyDNA 2.0 Success Transformation Program (normally $1497.)

This eight week program will guide you through LEVELING UP your mindset and habits so that your six and seven figure results feel like they are on on auto-pilot. You'll learn the The MoneyDNA Thrive Principles, Daily MoneyDNA Mastery Practices, Money Magnet Systems and get The Freedom From Debt Planner and Money Magnet Planning Toolkit and more!

This program will leave you with a MASSIVE breakthrough
around money and success!

If you want to achieve bigger goals, it’s not enough to think bigger. It’s time to DO big! The Own Your Bold Inner Circle is the support and community you've been searching for.

Ask anyone who has achieved significant success and they'll tell you....

  • No one does it alone. We build momentum when connected with other bold action takers and big thinkers.
  • Success doesn't happen in a logical, linear path but with the magic of bold action you can conquer anything in your way.
  • Leverage is the key to exponential growth without working 80+ hour work weeks.
  • Mindset IS everything. Learn to think bold, be bold and own it!

The Recipe for Bigger, More Impactful Success Isn't a Secret...

But There is a HUGE Benefit to Learning From Others Who Have Done It!

Hi, I'm Melanie Benson!

I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business leaders for over 17 years. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed. I’m here to help you stop playing it safe and do the one thing you’ve always dreamed of - you know, the one thing that scares you just a bit
(or, maybe a lot).

I’m here to provide the learning, experience and incredible support you need as you build your business - and accomplish what you might believe is unreachable.


My Commitment to My Bold Clients

I want you to be happy with my Own Your Bold Success Inner Circle Mastermind program.

Coaching requires a commitment to learn, grow and implement to see results. If you want new, better results, then step fully into that commitment.

My coaching programs don't offer refunds. If however during the course of a one year commitment you feel this is not ENOUGH coaching, reach out and we'll find the best level of coaching to get you BETTER results.

II only desire people who absolutely WANT to improve, grow and expand their capacity for prosperity. So I'll show up 100% and guide you towards the best actions, strategies and inner game upgrades necessary for you to succeed.

And I reserve the right to surprise you with extra resources and tools along the way! I want you inspired, taking BOLD actions and seeing BIG results.

Honestly, I have seen small business owners lose thousands of dollars a year because they haven’t implemented these easy strategies into their business.  Now is the perfect time to level-up you AND your business.

If you ready to play bold and experience big transformations, then don’t wait, click the button below to join this power-house group of change-makers and visionaries. Now is the time to stop struggling with your goals.  Make this year your best year yet!

Own Your Bold Now!