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I'm emailing you access to the 5 Step Own Your Bold System right now. But before you go, let's cover a critical part of accelerating your success.

Are you stuck in overwhelm?

Has your revenue plateaued?

Are you going it alone, wondering why it's taking SO long to get to the next level?

Is your mindset blocking you from getting paid what you are worth?

If any of this sounds familiar, I want to invite you to clear away the chaos of overwhelm and take one simple step towards clarity and sanity by participating in one of the most exclusive trainings from the Own Your Bold Inner Circle.

I’m Melanie Benson, and I’m an internationally known Profit Amplifier and Money Mindset Coach.

Over the last 17 years I’ve coached every level of entrepreneur who has experienced consistent cash flow challenges and have developed an easy-to-enact strategy designed to give profit-challenged entrepreneurs a simple way to stop grinding out a living, and start building a business they love.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs shatter their limits, make bold moves and accelerate their business!

Now I want to share with you, the strategies I use to help clients increase sales dramatically, so you can stop struggling and starting turning your passion into profits!

Let me introduce you to the Monetize Method that will help you 10X your results!

Let's face it -- if you are spinning your wheels, doing all the right things and wondering WHY YOUR RESULTS ARE NOT IMPROVING, something has to change.

To accelerate your trajectory, you must have three Bold Growth Factors powered up and aligned!

Part of the reason you haven't yet achieved your goals is you are trying to DO MORE of the same things that got you here. If you want new results, you have to be willing to do things differently.

With these three factors supercharged, you can create BIG wins in your business, be bolder and achieve your dream goals (and results) FASTER.

Now it's your turn.

Imagine having greater success with a lot more ease and grace. Using the Monetize Method has helped the Own Your Bold Inner Circle members laser in their focus on the right activities that catapulted success.

Christel Weyerich

“After our first call, I changed my story around money, instead of thinking I was in an endless pit, I made a payoff plan that is achievable.  As soon as I felt that weight lifted as far as that being a big issue in my life, I manifested $1600!  Got a refund insurance check I didn’t realize I was owed.  Awesome!”

Christel Weyerich Healing Christel Etsy Store
Patricia Porter

“On the Own Your Bold Mastermind Call Melanie showed me how to break down my big vision so I could start taking action. Instead of feeling overwhelmed I felt inspired to get into action. I love Melanie’s Own Your Bold trainings!”

Patricia Porter Leading to Learning

What is included in the Own Your Bold Monetize Method so you too can 10x your results?


Think of this resource as a sneak peek into the Own Your Bold Inner Circle full of tools, strategies, habits and mindset necessary for next level success.

  • Own Your Bold Training on The Monetize Method: I guide you through the Strategy, Mindset and Habits that will 10X Your Revenues in under 30 days.
  • The Action Sheet to create your focus and map out your bold goals and offers to multiply your results
  • Own Your Bold Motivational emails to inspire, help you focus on the right actions and stay accountable to your goals.
  • PLUS you have access to a 1 Hour LIVE Monetization Method Training Call to ensure your success and multiply your results even more! *value $697!
Linda Bertaut

“I met my annual revenue goal by July — because I was able to simplify my offerings and focus in on my highest payoff opportunities. Melanie helped illuminate the best path for me.”

Linda Bertaut Chakralicious

You’ll use this training to prioritize your own bold strategies and habits that will bring the next thing into focus to enable you to 10x your results

Plus, you'll instantly see the value of group interaction as I make space on our coaching call for important insights and interactive feedback from the group. You will realize you are not alone and that we are always stronger together. You’ll see what can happen when a group comes together to co-create bold momentum and accelerate their trajectory.

Plus, during the LIVE Monetize Method Call, not only will you get live guidance and teaching on the method, but Melanie will help you get clear on the actions you need to take to 10x your results faster. Have a chance to ask questions and get feedback. *value is over $697!

Get access to the Monetize Method Training and the LIVE call with myself to attract money faster.

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  • Own Your Bold Training on Monetization Method: Eavesdrop in on a LIVE Hour of Power call where I walk you through the Strategy, Mindset and Habits that will 10X Your Revenues in under 30 days.
  • Money Monetize Action Sheet to create your focus and map out your bold goals and offers to multiply your results
  • Motivational Emails to Keep you on Track and Making Money!
  • PLUS you have access to a 1 Hour LIVE Monetize Method Training Call to ensure your success and multiply your results even more! *value $697!

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A digital copy of the Rewired for Wealth book. [a $27 value]

In the Rewired for Wealth downloadable digital book I reveal how powerful your mind can be when trained for success.

Discover how to recognize your subconscious mental blocks and limitation patterns that you’ve been conditioned for (probably from childhood) that can sabotage your best efforts -- and how to rewire your top three sneaky success barriers for greater wealth, success, and impact.

Plus you’ll discover the seven primary MoneyDNA Blueprints that shape your financial trajectory so that you can start breaking records today!

What Others Say Working With Me To Achieve Their Bold Goals…


“I sold more in a weekend than I had in months – by simplifying, taking the challenge and focusing on my one bold goal.”

KITTY BOITNOT Teachers in Transition
Natalie Green

“Melanie helped me get focused so I could make the best decision amongst all of my options. I landed a very lucrative consulting and training package just days after joining her program. I love working with her!”

Natalie Green Author, Trauma to Triumph

The Recipe for Bigger, More Impactful Success Isn't a Secret...

But There is a HUGE Benefit to Learning From Others Who Have Done It!

Hi, I'm Melanie Benson!

I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business leaders for over 17 years. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed. I’m here to help you stop playing it safe and do the one thing you’ve always dreamed of - you know, the one thing that scares you just a bit
(or, maybe a lot).

I’m here to provide the learning, experience and incredible support you need as you build your business - and accomplish what you might believe is unreachable.


Stop struggling and doing the same things and getting the same results. Instead, get clear on what you need to do to generate more revenue in your business without second guessing yourself.

Knowing what has been holding you back from taking action and realizing your true worth is the first step. This training will give you that clarity you need and get you on the right path to finally charging your worth and understanding where your best profits are hiding.

And of course, this is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.  I want you to be happy with my Monetization Method.  And if you're not, no problem. Email me within 30 days and I will issue you a full refund.   No questions asked.

I am so confident that you will find value in this program, I am happy to allow you to evaluate it. 

Honestly, I have seen small business owners lose thousands of dollars a year because they haven’t implemented these easy strategies into their business.  Now is the perfect time to change your business.

If you ready to see how easy it is to change your business from struggling to thriving, then don’t wait, click the button below to gain access. Now is the time to stop struggling every day just to make ends meet.  Make this your best year yet!


Get access to the Monetize Method Training and the LIVE call with myself to attract money faster NOW!


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