Is Imposter Syndrome killing your sales?

Check out this short video to hear how those feelings of not being good enough are impacting your ability to enroll more ideal clients!

If on any level an entrepreneur struggles with Imposter Syndrome, it can totally effect their ability to attract and enroll ideal clients too.

Here’s how Imposter Syndrome can play out in your sales approach:

  • Deep down inside, you don’t really believe that what you offer is good enough
  • When you get a potential client on the phone for a consult, you wing the conversation and leave out many important ingredients that might lead to a sale
  • You end up spending a fair amount of time talking about how your process works but you notice the client isn’t really showing signs of interest
  • The client says they’ll think about it (but they never come back)
  • You go back to questioning if you really have what it takes to be successful (aka Imposter Syndrome kicks back in)

Its a cycle I coached Camille through last year and her breakthrough might just be exactly what YOU need to hear today too!

Confidence is key if you want to enroll more ideal clients and one way to access it is to learn HOW to enroll ideal clients without friction and overwhelm. If you don’t feel confident about your offering, asking for money or even are a bit wobbly about if you can help a client, that energy creates tension and your potential client senses it.

All of this is “figure-outable” but it does take a big shift in your mindset (and having a proven system sure helps to improve your confidence.) When I discovered what my Sales Friction Points where then tapped into a proven system I was able to “fine tune” my Zero Friction Sales System (and now I teach exclusively to my Amplify Your Authority Inner Circle.)

So, how do you make the shift?

Discover what YOUR Sales Friction Points are. Take my 7 question quiz to help you identify where your Sales Friction Points are — it just takes two minutes to find out at!

I’d love to hear which stage you are in (and enjoy the bonus training!)

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