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How to build an online media empire with a brand consistency across your platforms

Having an online media empire can solve one of the biggest problems for business coaches, consultants and service providers who have limited reach and visibility. By establishing a consistent online presence through various media channels, such as a blog, podcast, and social media platforms, a business coach can significantly expand their reach and attract a wider audience. 

This increased visibility allows them to connect with potential clients who may not have been aware of their services otherwise. Additionally, an online media empire provides a platform for the business coach to showcase their expertise, share valuable insights and resources, and build credibility and trust with their audience. This, in turn, leads to increased opportunities for client acquisition, partnerships, speaking engagements, and ultimately, the growth and success of their coaching business.

But, far too often, there is a lack of consistency and brand presence across different online platforms, which can create confusion about what the service provider truly offers.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 336, Rich Bontrager joins me to share his 30+ years of experience in broadcast, and now as an Unofficial NSA Podcaster, to help you amplify your reach online.

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Key Takeaways

  • [6:06] Rich discusses the concept of media as a currency.
  • [7:57] The importance of strategically and intentionally building out your online presence.
  • [10:26] Why consistently used headshots and brand assets is key to being a recognized brand.
  • [17:41] An important mindset shift to stand out online as an online empire.
  • [20:13] Rich discusses how he uses Restream for his online show to reach all of his online platforms simultaneously.
  • [25:08] The importance of your brand persona to boost engagement.
  • [32:56] What it feels like when all the puzzle pieces start to work together.
How to Build an Online Media Empire with Brand Consistency with Rich Bontrager | Podcast Episode 336 Share on X

About the Guest:

Rich “Trigger” Bontrager is the creator and host of How To Rock the Stage Show, airing live each Wednesday night. Rich hosts the National Speakers Association (NSA) podcaster, author forums, and the new NSA LIVE show Behind the Stage. Entrepreneurs, executives, and speakers hire Rich to unleash their brand authority by learning media-savvy skills that help them shine on camera and stage.

Rich has worked with top speakers, leaders, and authors like Denis Waitley, Sandra Dee Robinson, Chris Westfall, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Deanna Singh, and others!

Rich’s passion comes from his 30 years as a professional broadcaster, keynote speaker, and Pastor. Rich provides group and 1-on-1 transformational coaching with practical tools, evaluations, and action steps that radically transform your confidence, clarity, and communication skills.

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