Do you think about creating a business plan but never quite get around to it? Maybe you spend hours or weeks playing around with ideas, but they never leave your brain and hit the paper.

Having a solid business plan doesn’t mean you need reams of paper. It means you know what your profit centers are, what your key initiatives are that will maximize those profit centers  – and what specific actions you will take to pull it off.

And according to my guest Laura Posey, you can do all that on ONE PAGE!

Listen in on episode 157 of Amplify Your Success Podcast as I talk with Laura Posey about how to gain massive clarity and accomplish more in the next 12 months through this simple planning process.

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Key Takeaways

  • How hanging on the side of a mountain and losing her path gave Laura the clarity to focus on the One Page Business Plan.
  • Why an entrepreneur should bother with doing an annual plan, especially when the market changes quickly.
  • Why a one-sheet plan will really help you grow revenues quickly (you should hear the examples of 400% growth!)
  • What to do if you suck at planning, feel constrained by creating a plan or simply just don’t believe you have time.
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About the Guest:

Laura Posey is an internationally-recognized speaker, author, and consultant.

She is known as The Simple Planning Specialist for her unique ability to simply and easily laser focus her clients to get dramatic results. Her Simple Strategic Plan is used by over 2500 companies from startups to Fortune 100.

She is the author of “How to Plan Your Entire Year On One Sheet Of Paper”, and co-author with Jack Canfield of “Mastering The Art Of Success”. Laura is a graduate of SUNY at Buffalo and holds an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is fluent in German and is currently working on her Spanish.

When not on stage or with a client, you can find her traveling the world, playing golf, practicing the fiddle or snuggling with her rescue mutt, George, at home in Richmond, VA.


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