Do you ever worry about whether you can really pull it off?

Maybe you sold that big package, but you’ve never charged that much and now you feel a bit paralyzed.

Can I really deliver at that level of value?

What if I fail?

Maybe a part of you feels ready to play a bigger game, but then you take a few steps forward, but then the fear kicks in and you talk yourself out of it. 

Self-doubt is a part of every entrepreneur’s journey toward success. When you take a bold leap and the next step requires you to keep stretching beyond your comfort zone, it’s easy to let your fears take over. So much so that you begin to procrastinate the very steps that could lead to more money, greater impact and more success as a business leader.

Unfortunately, most who try to stretch into that next level end up collecting excuses and stacking up fears to the point that you start to believe it can’t possibly work and then, you STOP. That’s when your confidence takes a hit, the worry wins, and you backslide into your comfort zone.

Want to know what to do differently so that you can grow and achieve new levels of success?

Set a bold goal. Yep, that’s right, commit to taking even bigger actions and “go for the bold.” Whenever my nerves start to kick in or I find myself putting off my biggest goal, I know I need to create some momentum. So I come up with the BOLDEST action I can take, then I do it! If I put it off, I raise the bar a bit more and make myself accountable to a group of people who are playing big too!

You see, most people have a fear about taking the bold steps they need to achieve their goals and dreams.What if I get rejected, criticized, or even “found out” that I’m not really as good as I said I was.

Could that happen? Sure. Many people who are already successful have a fear that they’ll be considered a fraud. It even has a name – Imposter Syndrome – where high-achievers and goal-driven entrepreneurs experience a deep fear of not being good enough. Others have a deep, paralyzing fear of shining too bright and making themselves a target of ridicule or attack.

There’s a name for this one too – it’s called Tall Poppy Syndrome. Tall Poppy Syndrome keeps you from going after your dreams or bold visions because you worry about what people might think or say about you.

All too often, you don’t want to be seen as a leader or stand out because you could be dismissed, denounced or, in today’s age, harassed or cyber-bullied. It’s much easier to not “rock the boat” and stay small. But in your gut, you know that’s not what you want and that something’s missing, or out of balance and that you need your business to get to the next level.

Setting a bold goal outside of your comfort zone is the secret weapon to getting unstuck, rising above self-doubt and unleashing the energy and excitement necessary to propel you to achieve outcomes you never dreamed possible.

Taking bold action moves your ideas forward the fastest. As you move outside your comfort zone (and maybe have no idea how to do it), you work and think differently, becoming more creative, resourceful and innovative to develop new habits that help you achieve more, faster.

The best way to unleash your courage, take bigger, bolder action and shatter your limits? Do it with others! Join us for the Own Your Bold Challenge and discover how powerful you really are!

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