If you want to speak on stages to grow your business, or simply want to get paid to share your message, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get yourself booked on the best stages?

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing…

Do you need to build relationships with all of the people who run events?

Or, is it just a numbers game and you’ve got to work the “pitch-follow-up” system?

Kerry Heaps is a pro at this – with a background in Pageants and Pageant Judging, Kerry knows her way around paid speaking engagements. And she joins me on episode 142 of Amplify Your Success to take the mystery out of getting paid speaking opportunities! 

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Key Takeaways

  • How to conquer the “work the numbers” game of booking paid speaking gigs.
  • What you’ll want to do once you’ve pitched yourself as a speaker so that you stand out from the crowd
  • How to create a compelling topic that acts like a magnet for those coveted paid speaking engagements.
  • The five things you must have in place prior to seeking speaking engagements (or else you’ll come across unorganized!)
  • What’s happening overall in the speaking industry right now – and how it could be affecting you, your business and your bookings.
  • How to find more paid engagements at no cost (hint: Kerry’s got a resource for you!)


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About the Guest:

A veteran Entrepreneur of 14 years, Kerry Heaps is the Publisher of Pageant Platform Magazine and the Host of Pageant Platform Podcast. She is the former Owner of Strictly Marketing Magazine and host of Strictly Marketing Talk Radio. Kerry is a sought-after speaker on topics such as Leveraging your Publicity to close more deals, Bodies Don’t Lie, Body Language Basics, The significance of Color in Wardrobe and the Psychology behind it, The Network Game – Making Networking “work” for your Business, and Follow-up tips for $ucess.

She is the Author of Pitch like a Bitch, Top 10 tips to Pitch like a Pro (Dec 2018) she is also the Creator of the Create your own Media series for Podcasting, Publishing and Publicity. Kerry has an extensive background in Sales, Networking, Recruiting, and Training. She is a former Model who specialized in Trade Show and Print work, and an experienced judge on the beauty pageant circuit.


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