As an entrepreneur and business coach, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to transform my relationship with money. I quickly discovered that owning your own business is a powerful personal transformation journey – and any fears, doubts or limiting beliefs around money will quickly rise up as roadblocks to success.

Add in a few industry challenges like inflation, war and the lingering effects of a global pandemic and the need to elevate your money mindset becomes apparent. I can’t stress enough how valuable having a business coach who understands mindset in overcoming these roadblocks. Without my investment in mentors, I never would have discovered the tools to recode my own MoneyDNA™ and exceed my wildest earning expectations.

I also know not everyone is ready or capable of making that investment yet – and if that is you then you’ll want to get a few of my favorite money mindset books. I’ve read each of these books at different times, for different reasons, and each of them has given me a piece of the money mindset puzzle. I share them with you in hopes that you’ll buy them, read them over and over again, and continue to elevate YOUR money mindsset.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

I originally read this book during my spiritual counselor training program in early 2000. At that time, I had not fully embodied my consciousness principles and spent a fair amount of time in scarcity.

In this book, I quickly realized how my chronic fear was impacting my ability to succeed financially. A passage that has stuck with me as a guiding principle is this:

“As within, so without, as above, so below. In other words, whatever you impress in your subconscious mind, that becomes expressed on the screen of space.”

This concept reminds me every day the importance of my own thinking and how it is shaping my destiny.

Find this book on Amazon here

Working With The Law by Raymond Holliwell

My early childhood days were heavily imprinted by a powerful teacher – Raymond Holliwell – who was the minister of our church. Holliwell, who mentored some of today’s powerful mindset and personal growth teachers, wrote a book in 1964 that continues to be one of the greatest money mindset and law of attraction teachings available.

My mother gave me her 1967 version of this book during a very challenging time in my life and the words on this page radically transformed me out of struggle and depression and into a very powerful state. One of the passages that transformed me was this, “The thing we dare not do is to fret and worry about supply or about where our next dollar is coming from. Fretting and worry tend to restrict and limit the supply.”

By realizing that negative thinking was closing off my ability to see, feel or experience abundance, I had a radical shift in my daily thought patterns.

Find this book on Amazon here

Overcoming Under-earning: A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life by Barbara Stanny

This book showed up in my life when I realized that I could make really good money, but I didn’t know how to manage or nurture financial abundance. I had built an empire that was stealing all of my energy and I needed a better way to grow my business.

This entire book is full of fantastic, relevant advice but one particular section that stood out to me at the time was the chapter on resistance. She lists 12 signs you are in resistance to making a change in your life or business – and the first factor on this list is “I’m too busy.”  Think about all of the times you’ve experienced resistance in the form of “I’m too busy.” 

I love this list so much I’m going to publish it in the Amplify Your Authority Inner Circle next month as we deep dive into “Elevating Our Money Stories.”

Find this book on Amazon here

Get a Financial Life by Beth Kobliner

Did you know you can be great at MAKING money but still feel broke? Yep, it is true. Typically this is due to a lack of focus on building personal wealth. Inside the pages of this book I discovered all of the ways that I was missing opportunities to make my money work for me. 

From debt payoff strategies to understanding interest rates and investing today for the future you want in retirement, this book gets into a lot of nuts and bolts that many heart-based entrepreneurs don’t pay attention to until it is WAY too late.

Find this book on Amazon here

No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy

A bit edgy and in your face, Kennedy is a no B.S. kind of guy so if you get this book, just know he is a famous direct response copywriter. I almost didn’t read this book but there are two sections that I really needed to hear at the time.

First, I can easily get caught up in needing to make the “right decision.” Kennedy drops a powerful mindset shift in this statement, “a bad decision or wrong decision is better than no decision because if the decision leads to action, it is easier to correct the course of someone or something already in motion than it is to get something into motion from inertia.”


Secondly, Kennedy discusses the importance of congruent behavior, both with your own goals and in alignment with those that have achieved the desired outcome. This wasn’t new information, but in this context, it reminded me how important it is to check in on your behaviors and evaluate if they are congruent with the desired outcome.

Find this book on Amazon here

The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.

A beautiful, powerful book that sat on my bookshelf for years before I actually picked it up and read it. Recognizing that money is a form of energy and that we can direct energy through our own energy fields is something that has felt hard to grasp over the years.

I mean, I get it intellectually, but it always seemed to be challenging to integrate until I learned to recode my MoneyDNA.

This book opened my eyes to so many ways we block financial abundance energetically! One of the statements in this book that I’ve come back to over and over again is rationalizations and unmet needs, especially when we are feeling depleted.

So many entrepreneurs try to increase revenues from a deep place of lack, fear and exhaustion only to perpetuate this cycle. This paragraph had me riveted:

“It is costly to consume out of a sense of deprivation. We get caught up in wanting more-bigger-faster stuff, and have to go back to earn the money to pay for it. In addition, we’re often not satisfied because what we really want is rest, time, meaning and connection with others. That’s what is really most important to us. And that’s what we are often too depleted to create.”

Sooooo good, right? How often have you pursued “stuff” or “more success” to fill an energetic void that could have been filled by just slowing down and recharging?

Find this book on Amazon here

You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero 

I loved this book so much that I bought it for my mastermind a few years ago. Full of practical wisdom alongside powerful mindset reframes, this book is written by a woman who struggled for many years and then after working with a coach, found herself making a ridiculous amount of money.

One of the passages worth mentioning here is on tenacity and forming success habits that align with your desired outcome. This sentence says it all, “My best tip when it comes to forming new habits is to remove yourself from the negotiation process.”

The reason success habits don’t stick is we negotiate ourselves out of them and back into our comfort zone. I can certainly relate to that.

Find this book on Amazon here

Rewired for Wealth by Melanie Benson

I should probably mention here that after having my own significant breakthrough around money and success, I wrote a short digital book about how I “recoded” my own MoneyDNA so that I could exponentially increase my revenue into the high 6 figures. 

I outline the 7 types of  MoneyDNA and how to recognize which type you primarily operate out of. 

Find this book on my website here




There are millions of money mindset books out there, and I’ve probably read another 50 that just wouldn’t fit in this article. But if you’ve got one that was life changing for you, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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