Create An Irresistible Offer by Monetizing Your Business Superpower

How to Pick the Right Type of Offering to Attract More Customers

Do you have a valuable service, course or program that isn’t selling well? Often the advice you’ll be given is to rework the offer and fix your messaging so it’s more compelling.

That may just do the trick – but sometimes you have to dig deeper and reconnect to your business superpower. When you are building your offerings and growing your business with your superpower at the core, everything just “clicks.”

But when you don’t, and you create an offer that is tied to what you believe people want, it can fall flat in the market. Or you get bored with it because delivering that offer doesn’t light you up or attract clients you enjoy working with.

On episode 271 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’ll reveal how I coach my clients to connect their monetizable business superpower to two kinds of revenue-boosting offers.

Key Takeaways

  • [1:02] Why you want to pick your speaking topics on your business superpower.
  • [4:32] My strategy for designing, pricing and positioning irresistible offers for my clients.
  • [4:52] The importance of REALLY knowing who your ideal client is BEFORE you create your offer.
  • [7:17] How to develop your pricing strategy based on your value proposition.
  • [9:38] Why specificity sells (and is a key component in developing an irresistible offer.)
  • [12:00] Two offering types that will exponentially increase revenues using your business superpowers (and the perfect time to introduce each of them.)
  • [16:41] A case study on how a client is using their business superpower in their podcast launch strategy.
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