If you're ready to stop being The Invisible Expert and become a Recognized Authority consistently generating 5-6 figure months, this is for you.

Since 2000, I've coached and mentored thousands of
well-known experts to reach 5-6 figure revenue months by *borrowing* the influence and visibility streams of their colleagues.
As a member of the Million-Dollar Visibility Mastermind, we'll
ensure these 3 Factors are in place, ASAP so you can
>> Make a Greater Impact and Get Paid More, Now! <<

Your High Ticket Offer To 2-5x Revenue

...that sells itself because it's based on solving costly problems that your premium clients are searching for a solution to!

This solution is based on YOUR Unique Sales Advantage -- so no one else can deliver this value like you.

Your Million-Dollar Visibility Platform

...so you banish Best-Kept Secret Syndrome and become your industry's leading authority!

Whether it's a podcast, hosting events, your own book, or simply being a guest expert, you'll have a crystal-clear messaging strategy that creates a steady stream of ideal leads.

Bold Growth Goals

...that activate new levels of success and the internal fire to keep your motivation high!

People hire people they know, like and trust -- and when you are fired up, your confidence is even more compelling to your audience.

We'll get you clear on your most aligned needle-moving strategies -- so you IGNITE results!

Here's what highly-paid experts know that rapidly expands their impact, income and influence...


Your best clients will always hire a trusted resource

When someone goes looking for the type of expertise you already possess, they choose the person who is the most recognized as a relevant and remarkable authority who generates results
(and if they don't see that in you, you'll get passed by.)


Well-paid experts in any market position their value so it sells

Even the legends get know that to be able to attract premium clients, they must be able to demonstrate the value of their solution. Knowing how to position and sell what you do so you can command 4 & 5 figures is key.


Successful expert-entrepreneurs prioritize and invest in their Rising Tide

Yes, you could just hire me to coach you. But there is only ONE WAY to gain massive momentum and successful business owners recognize the value of being visible and co-creating success with peers.

So how do I know this?

Hi, I'm Melanie Benson!

I'm the founder of Million Dollar Visibility, host of the top 1.5% podcast, Amplify Your Success, and I've been mentoring expert-based business owners since 2000.

And here's how I do it:

I created the Million-Dollar Visibility Mastermind to help you stop being the Invisible Expert with my coaching and access to an exclusive group of your Rising Star colleagues.

Watch this 2 minute video to hear a bit about how the Million-Dollar Visibility Mastermind and what's possible when you claim your role as a Recognized Authority.

From tapping into a rising tide to activating important momentum around visibility and growth, masterminds play a key role in elevating your confidence to take bold action -- and open doors at record speed!

“With Melanie’s guidance in the mastermind, I eliminated my income ceiling by designing a leveraged offering and hiring a marketing team.

I wrote a best-selling book, “Why He Disappeared”, and my business multiplied into the high six figures (without working more hours.)”

Evan Marc KatzDating Coach, Author

Imagine having the action steps & strategy that will Quantum Leap Your Business into 5-6 Figure Months

Here’s How We Accomplish That Together:

First, we strategize your Million-Dollar Money Map:

We dive into my time-tested and proven growth factors so you know exactly how to:

  • Identify your Value to Profit Model (and optimize your Offering Suite for exponential revenue growth.)
  • Address any bottlenecks or breakdowns affecting your sales including "lead leak" and sales friction slowing down conversion
  • Dial in your Sales Trigger events (and integrate them into your Bold Growth Plan for the next year.)

Together we will create your Million-Dollar Visibility Roadmap to exponentially grow your impact, income and influence.

“But Melanie, What are the Stats of Success You’ve Seen with Clients?”

I hear you. Let me break down the data of success that is packed inside the strategies I’ve built into The IGNITE Mastermind.

My Tried & True Proven Approach Has:

Guided over 2,225 SIX & SEVEN Figure Business Owners since 2000 to become ICONS in their industry.

Clients who have worked my Amplify Roadmap get 5 - 10 times more collaborations, guest expert appearances and attract more ideal clients (with less "efforting!)

It’s common for my clients to double their revenues in the first 90 days of completing and implementing their roadmap!

"As a 20 year entrepreneur and marketer, I've worked with amplification strategies and business tactics for years. But what Melanie does is next level. Her genius is to see your unique offering and amplify it so it's irresistible to your ideal customer. After 2 years of marketing my potent, and often thought of esoteric work, she quickly pinpointed the space where the magic wasn't visible to others -and guided me to messaging that captures it perfectly. My only regret is not finding her sooner. If you're tied of following strategies and tactics that aren't delivering greater impact, visibility and income - work with Melanie.”

Tracy Yates, Transformational Catalyst

4 Deep Dive Retreats

You'll experience
4 Transformational Retreats

Each quarter we will focus on a key strategic growth area, combined with a powerful mindset recalibration and collaboration opportunities. 


Amplify With Authority Platforms

Elevate your influence with a proven strategy to stand out in your crowded market. You'll identify at least one Authority Platform to introduce (or improve) to be a recognizable expert with credibility.

Chose the right strategy to stand out as a credible authority by launching your own podcast, online show or other platform.
Optimize your brand positioning and messaging so that you are seen as the go-to authority in the market.
Build momentum and exponentially grow the reach of your work as your platform does the heavy lifting.

virtual retreat #2

Cultivate Your Million-Dollar Network

One of the secrets to 5-6 figure months is building your audience by tapping into your network. In this retreat, you'll build out your personalized plan to speed up growth with:

Developing your dream list of connections to collaborate with and cross-promote.
Create systems that make it easy for colleagues and clients to refer you (and keep those leads coming in 24/7.)
Integrate your intentional network building practices of colleagues and clients who can't wait to share your work with their audiences.


Experience "Lift Off" With Leverage

With the intention to free up time for what matters most, we will explore the most impactful ways to leverage your time, talent and resources so that you are able to scale your business.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses to detect "time traps" that bottleneck your ability to grow.
Implement your leverage strategy so you are spending at least 80% of your time in High Payoff Activities.
Learn how to delegate, systemize and automate while introducing Result Accelerators that move the revenue needle at record speed. 



Included in your program is a $3,500 ticket to my once-a-year private, client only retreat called Million Dollar Mindset. We'll gather at my private home in Southern California for 2 days to ignite your next level of impact, income and influence.

During our 2 Days together, we will:

Unlock a clear vision of your next level success that gets you fired up

Elevate Your "Million Dollar Mindset" and clear out any unconscious wealth traps

Integrate habits, patterns and beliefs that automatically deliver the next level outcomes.

Plus, you'll connect with and make lifelong friends with other impact-driven entrepreneurs.

“Before I started working with Melanie I had a good business but I was working way too many hours in my business and had really become the bottleneck. I hadn’t empowered my team to make decisions and I was buried by requests and I couldn’t focus on making the big leaps forward.

A mindset shift I made was fully claiming to be the CEO of my business. Melanie helped me see where I was spending too much time on the wrong activities which left me no time to grow.

In the first year of working together I doubled my income. In the second year I tripled my income into 7 figures and I plan to do this again next year.”

Kendall SummerhawkThe Million Dollar Marketing Coach

Over the next 12 months, I'll guide you to success and confidence with...


We will meet twice monthly to create space for clarity, problem solving, and growth accountability. Each member will have a Hot Seat opportunity to get valuable input on their strategies (which can speed up your desired results.)

Each call is recorded to listen to again and again!


Retreats are a time to deep dive into an area with bold growth opportunities. Each quarter the retreat will transform your ability to confidently take action and grow the reach of your work in the world. 

Virtual retreats are typically 1 - 1/2 days via zoom (but we'll have plenty of breaks and "implementation" work groups to get stuff done!)


Gain daily support, accountability and connection with your community and me so you can feel like you always have a sounding board and a place to celebrate your wins.

Plus you can send me private audio or video messages when you need a little extra help!


You'll benefit from one private strategy session to build out your Million-Dollar Money map to help you achieve levels of success you never knew were possible. 

You'll also have access to monthly Office Hours (and if you need more, you'll have 20% off my private VIP Coaching Options!)


To help you unleash your most aligned superpowers, authority and next level financial growth, I'll do a recorded reading on your unique Soul Blueprint (known as Human Design) to highlight any unconscious money patterns and amplify your positioning and messaging!


Each month you'll also join your group to rapidly expand your visibility with either a private training from one of my inner circle or get a chance to test-drive one of your talks and get feedback.

Or participate in a live "panel" pitch to top podcasters to get booked in real time.

These sessions are held on non-retreat months and may on occasion be open to special guests and $100k Authority Accelerator graduates. 

“At a time when I was working 80+ hours a week, Melanie helped me uncover a new way to grow my business. By creating a leveraged business model and changing my inner game, I was able to reduce my work hours in half – while tripling my business revenues into the high 6 figures.

But most importantly, Melanie helped me shift out of stress and into a more peaceful way to grow.”

Michele DekindersmithLinkage Research

This is an Application Only Program

Apply Now To Enroll For 2024!

We accept new members the beginning of each quarter so get your application in ASAP. My goal is to ensure all participants are a good fit and that this high-value program is the right investment for your business at this time.

The investment will be 5 figures and a payment plan is available.

TO APPLY: Fill out the form, we'll review your information then book a time to discuss the mastermind, and make sure it's the best step for you to reach your business goals.

So... how will joining impact you?

Before joining this exclusive group:

Feeling invisible to ideal clients and growth opportunities (even though you know you are the better choice) and you can't figure out how to be the go-to expert.
Second-guessing your growth plan or fear of making an investment that doesn't pan out (and this is keeping you stuck and small in your reach.)
Long-term struggle with and resistance on HOW to expand your business success (and you wonder how you'll ever grow beyond just you.)
Limitation programming and failure-gathering, especially when experiencing a gap between your ideal income and your goal for so long that you question your money mindset.
Relying on old energies and patterns that no longer serve you - like being busy with a lot of activity that doesn't drive better results!

After working your custom action plan:

YOU will be the go-to authority and experience a steady stream of great leads, amazing opportunities with awesome people who grow your business for you.
You'll have your Authority Brand Roadmap clarified, have your Authority Brand Factor in place and experience confidence that only comes from feeling the "click" of your puzzle pieces coming together.
You'll experience big breakthroughs in thinking, prioritizing, and focusing so the you expand your business by delegating, scaling and leveraging your time more effectively.
Your soul is inspired and your mind fired up as you spend more time in your Business Superpowers that help you expand more effortlessly.
You'll enjoy a 5 - 6 figure boost in your revenues as you'll roll out your income boosting strategy in the first quarter of 2023.

Real Life Results Using My Authority Brand Factors...

Check out just a few of the results from recent clients using the Authority Brand Factors to succeed in THEIR business.

Doubled My Revenue

"When I met Melanie I was completely overwhelmed in my business, working 80+ hours. Working with Melanie I implemented better leverage while uncovering my Unique Profit Amplifier, which helped me realign our focus on my business superpowers.

Now I'm on track for a 4 day workweek, and another $250k in annual revenue, so I can finally enjoy more of my life."

Diane Gardner

Diane Gardner

Tax and Profit Coach

"Using the Unique Profit Amplifier system from Melanie I made a quick pivot in my training offerings that helped me uncover another $200k in revenue (that was right under my nose!) I just wasn't focused on it."

Park Howell

Business of Story

"Investing in Melanie's mastermind is always a sure-fire way to gain a 5 - 10 times return on investment. I knew I'd always grow my business by at least another 6 figures."

James Jackman

Business Owner, Coach


Included in your program is a $3,500 ticket to my once a year private, client only retreat. We'll gather at my private home in Southern California for 2 days to ignite your next level of impact, income and influence.

We will unlock a clear vision of your next level that gets you fired up, fine tune your game plan to take bold action towards your goal and transform you into a force to be reckoned with. Plus, you'll connect with and make lifelong friends with other impact-driven entrepreneurs.

My Commitment To You

I want you to see you SUCCEED so to make sure you are in the program that’s right for you this is an application-based program.

Ultimately, your success is my success.

Truthfully, I’m 100% confident that if you put the effort in you will see results. My confidence comes from the results and impact this program has had on past students who stayed committed. My Authority Brand Roadmaps has been used over and over again, often with immediate boost in revenues.

I’m confident that, as you do the work, you will see transformation and freedom. And I will be here, holding you accountable, helping you shatter limits and amplifying your authority.

I designed this program for you...

This is PERFECT for you if you:

Are a coach, consultant, course creator, service professional or change-maker with an existing business, with offers that are selling.
Feel trapped in “selling time for dollars” with no clear idea on how to grow revenue without working more in the business.
Have a hard time staying consistent with visibility strategies (hence, why you feel like a best-kept secret).
Have a process, system or service that is valuable to your clients (and would like to increase sales).
Are ready to put your fears and resistance aside and work the system, investing time and support dollars into getting RESULTS!

This is NOT for you if you:

Have never been in business, have ZERO idea what to offer and have never sold a program or enrolled
a client.
Are looking for a miracle-cure where your coach does all of the work.
Have hopped from program to program, investing thousands and feeling frustrated, because no program ever works for you.
Are on your last dime and your entire world depends on THIS working THIS time and you can't afford for your next offering to NOT work.
Are more committed to your excuses and reasons why you can't succeed, aren't ready and don't have what it takes to be an Authority Brand.

I've had great success, and epic failures and have discovered what really works.

Since starting my business in 2000, I’ve personally coached & trained over 2,325 entrepreneurs. I’ve taken many of them from mid-5-figures to consistent multiple 6-figures, and from mid-6-figures to consistent 7-figures by monetizing and leveraging their business superpower.

At each stage of my business growth, I experienced struggle, breakthrough and then massive growth. I personally invest over $15k a year discovering what works today and applying it in my own business, before bringing it to you.

Wouldn't it be invaluable to uncover YOUR unique strategy to be seen as an authority, spending more time in the activities that FEED YOUR SOUL, and knowing that you are creating sustainable wealth and success (not to mention transforming lives of your most ideal clients along the way?)


Our Most Asked Questions

Can I join if I don't have a business yet?

Honestly, if you don't already have an offering that you sell, this isn't really the best option for you. In this case, I'd suggest a VIP Package with me to map out your offerings THEN join the Million-Dollar Authority Mastermind. 

What if I would rather have one-on-one guidance?

That's okay! Some of us prefer one on one guided support to fast track their goals. If this sounds like you, I invite you to book a Fast Track call so that I can get to know you and your business better, to see if one of my VIP Coaching Packages is right for you. Check out my options here and then request a Fast Track call.

Is there financing available?

Yes, we offer a financing option. When we meet in our Fast Track call, we can explore what you need and I'll go over your financing options.

How long before I will start to see results?

The answer to this depends on quite a few factors, including how established you are, how fast you implement and how well you integrate the messaging and positioning principles I teach. 

If you work the process, come to the calls with questions, and implement your system, you should be able to see new results in as soon as 90 days (or sooner if you have all the right assets in place now!)

What if I'm so busy I don't have the time?

EVERYONE is busy.

But the key is, are you busy with activity that is moving the needle for you in your business?

Sometimes you just have to break out of the busy-trap and just take a brave step forward in a program like this. Ask yourself, though: If not now, WHEN? How much longer are you going to ignore that voice inside you that’s constantly telling you “You are worth it”?  How much longer are you going to continue to do the same things and expect different results? What is the true cost of remaining where you are right now?

What could change for you, your business and your family if you take the leap and invest in yourself? Imagine how different everything could be a year from now. Do you really want to wait to achieve your dreams and have the success you know you’re capable of?

Give it a go. 

What if I enroll and then realize this isn't right for me?

Even though this program is worth 10 times the investment, there are those rare occasions when we discover this environment is simply not a fit for someone. We are positive that you will amplify your authority brand with all of the tools provided, but if you were to enroll and this is not a fit, we will discuss a VIP private coaching option to complete your coaching agreement. 

I've enrolled but haven't received an email yet. What should I do?

First, check your promotions and spam folders. Sometimes the first email you receive from us will land there. Just move that email to your inbox (or make a folder for us!) Second, make sure that you use the same email for access that you used to make your payment with. Our system will get confused otherwise. And at any time, you can contact my assistant at assist AT melaniebenson DOT com.

I'm not sure I want to be an authority but I do want to take my business to the next level. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. Being an "authority brand" is positioning. The more you own your unique business superpowers and are willing to raise your profile, the better this process will work (and your bank account will thank you.)

Got more questions? Ask us...

If you still aren't sure if this is the best next step for you, then request a Fast Track Session where we discuss your goals, challenges and the best path for you right now. Request a Fast Track Session here.

©Copyright 2024 Melanie Benson Inc. | Terms & Privacy

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