Finding words to explain what you do so naturally can feel really complicated! I’ve noticed it’s a common challenge area for coaches, healers and service-based entrepreneurs to communicate what they do in a way that…

… Helps the people understand what they do

… In a compelling and succinct way

… So that the right prospects know you solve their problem!!

After mentoring and coaching expert-preneurs for almost 20 years, I can quickly spot an “over-thinker” who is struggling to share their value proposition when they get asked, “So what do you do?” or have a chance to pitch their business to a room full of people.

On episode 133 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, listen in to an On-Air Coaching session with Melinda Broadstone who helps entrepreneurs uncover their unique energy style. When I met her, I knew she was powerful but she just couldn’t find the right words to explain her genius quickly. If you struggle with messaging, you’ll love eavesdropping into this session.

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Key Takeaways

  • An important question to ask yourself to help you uncover the best words that describe you and your business solutions.
  • What to do when you have competing advice about your messaging from different coaches and mentors


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About the Guest:

Melinda Broadstone has a passion for helping people out of pain towards thriving and success, even when the possibilities seemed out of reach. With over 30 years of expansive study and application of body-mind-spirit dynamics in human potential, performance, health and well-being, she’s worked with a range of people from premature babies and children with disabilities, to parents and the aged to high level Military Personnel, Spiritual Leaders and CEO’s. With eyes turned toward the world landscape I have a keen interest in propelling talented entrepreneurs towards having a profound impact in their business and their clients lives while making the money that allows them to enjoy life.


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