Tips to Launch a Membership Program [On Air Coaching]

Quick Launch Techniques for a Continuity Offer

If you are considering offering a membership program to support clients once they complete your online course, then you’ll want to tune in to this edition of On-Air Coaching!

My Amplify Mastermind client Julie Hood is in the “hot seat” with the question: “How can I launch my membership quickly to start filling it?”

Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 258 allows you to eavesdrop on this laser coaching session to get some HOT ideas to get members into your membership or group coaching program.

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Key Takeaways

  • [4:57] Why it’s important for Julie to have a “next step” in order to keep the cash flowing year around.
  • [7:39] How to find Julie’s “low hanging fruit” and get faster results.
  • [9:52] I tell Julie how to use personal video follow-up to get current clients “off the fence” and into her program.
  • [11:59] A tip on how to bundle her continuity program with her initial online course to increase enrollments.
  • [12:41] When to introduce “bring a friend” specials to quickly boost enrollments.
  • [15:04] What to do to maximize her Black Friday sale (I get her to pivot on her offer.)
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