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Want to Have Melanie Inspire Your Event Attendees or Educate Your Virtual Audience?

Available for Interviews, Virtual Trainings and Live Events for Entrepreneurs, Melanie can guide your audience to be more profitable, productive and enjoy more of what they are passionate about!

Melanie has been featured several times on Los Angeles TV show, Out of the Rough, with host Fred Arnold.

Featured LIVE on Financial News Radio 1510 KFNN in Phoenix, Arizona

Faciliating a LIVE Media Panel with media legends for Association of Transformational Leaders.

Highly interactive sessions designed to inspire and get your audience into action. Tailoring exercises for your community 's biggest challenges.

Featured on John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire, talking about Leverage. Listen in by clicking the image above.

On Stick Like Glue Radio, Jim Palmer and I share tips on how to take your business to the next level. (Click image to listen.)

How to Rewire Your Story for Great Success on Business of Story (Click Image to Listen.)

Quick tips on money and mindset for the Mind Aware Show with Dana Wilde (Click Image to Listen.)

On Go-Giver Radio, Bob Burg and I discuss how to boost profits (Click image to listen.)

On Hustle and Flowchart Podcast talking about Podcast Guesting as a Lead Source

Reinventing Business Bottlenecks, Live Radio Show with Steve Olser & Mary Goulet (Click Image to Listen.)

Conscious Millionaire: How to Build Your Coaching/Consulting Biz with JV Crum III (Click Image to Listen.)

Most Popular Speaking Topics

How Collaboration Currency Creates an Endless Supply of Dream Opportunities

Growing a business alone can take forever, but collaborating with other aligned influential leaders can open doors and accelerate the Know Like & Trust Factor.

In the Collaboration Currency conversation, listeners discover:

    • 5 ways to partner up with peers (even if you don't like affiliate marketing)
    • How to "borrow influence" and shorten their path to building their authority
    • How to ride other people's momentum vs. taking the lead for a bigger win



Transform Your Competitors Into Your #1 Lead Source Through Podcast Guesting

Your best prospects are already following your competitors and colleagues who offer similar solutions. Why not create a win-win opportunity and solve the biggest problems they create?

With this presentation or interview, I'll show your audience how to partner up with your biggest competitors with podcast guesting (and social audio!)

Listeners will discover:

    • The secret to creating a magnetic topic that podcasters can't wait to book
    • How to pitch a podcasters and land the HOTTEST podcasts
    • When to use the ROCS Method (tm) to move a passive listener into an intrigued then invested prospect

Alternate Topic: How to Make Podcast Guesting Your #1 Lead Source for Dream Clients


8 Steps to Becoming a Highly Paid Expert by Leveraging Your Business Superpower

An entrepreneur with little visibility is invisible to ideal opportunities, and it eventually impacts their cash flow too. But with the Authority Boosting Roadmap, business owners will establish consistent, predictable cash flow as a highly-paid expert.

During this session, the audience will discover:

    • The 8 steps in the Highly Paid Authority Roadmap
    • Four common pitfalls that keep someone in "best kept secret" mode
    • One fear that causes a pattern of busy addiction (but not producing results)
    • How to transform your business superpower into an irresistible offer (aka a Unique Profit Amplifier)

The Millions Mindset: How to Go Bold to Shatter Your Limits

If your audience regularly experiences up and down cash flow cycles, consistently under-earns their full potential, or money mindset is next on your list of topics to tackle, this is the perfect talk. Melanie explains how our mindset is silently driving every action an entrepreneur takes -- or avoids.

During this session, the audience will discover:

    • 3 common success barriers that derail business growth
    • How Imposter Syndrome keeps you stuck, struggling and invisible to your dream opportunities
    • How to flip fears and limiting beliefs into empowering mindsets that propel better results


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