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If you find that your dream clients have been choosing your competitors instead of you, it doesn't mean your offers aren't good enough.

If you feel invisible, even though you've spent hours guesting on podcasts, doing FB lives and sending out countless emails, it doesn't mean you aren't valuable.

If you are wondering if you can really pull this off, don't give up. The world needs what you do! Join me for my Live Masterclass and discover how to turn your expertise into a 6 figure dream client cash machine! 

Meet Melanie

For those that don’t already know me, I’m Melanie Benson and it wasn't so many years ago that I was struggling to make podcasts work for my business. 

Over the years, I tried everything. I pitched myself relentlessly, but I just wasn’t getting booked on my dream podcasts. And those that I did get booked on fell flat… I wasn’t attracting my ideal client with them. 

Through trial and error (and years of failure after failure), I created a system that worked for me nearly every time and landed me on some of the most desirable podcasts in my industry...

Fast-forward to 2020 and I’ve guested on over 450 podcasts and online shows, spoken at events like Podfest… and I’ve been successfully utilizing this system to attract my BEST clients for several years. 

I'll share the proven strategy I use to amplify my authority and create of a flood of clients into my business. And now I share it with my clients too! 

PLUS I'll also solve your biggest obstacles to attracting clients from online platforms and podcasts and answer your most pressing questions!  


Anne Lackey Anne Lackey, HireSmart Virtual Employees

"I’ve employee a lot of coaches and mentors, but what I appreciate about Melanie is her methodology. Through her process I was able to work through my sound bites and an Influence Formula that really works! I presented it at a mastermind and it was so catchy it landed us a few clients."

Lorianne Speaks Lorianne Speaks, Speaker Booker

"Melanie helped me hone my pitch and fine tune my message for my ideal clients. I walked away from an event not only with podcast bookings but I also landed paying clients."

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