Are you really ALL-IN on your business?

Going All-In means you are fully committed to success and you’ve learned to master your mind. This mindset is very different from many entrepreneurs use in their business. The key is what you do when things get challenging! Do you “double down” and find a way to make it work? Or do you give up and jump to the next idea, hoping THAT will be the winning business?

Mindset is so important that I asked author and fellow podcaster, Robert Brus to join me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 202 to share how he is Going All In — and how to master your mindset to tap into this powerful force for success.

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Key Takeaways

  • Why Robert walked away from a 7 figure, highly successful consulting business.
  • What it can mean for an entrepreneur to Go All-In on their business.
    The surprising effect that Going All-In has on your productivity and ability to achieve.
  • Robert covers a few signs you are not all in (and these might just surprise you!)
  • Robert’s formula to setting self up for success
  • The 7 pillars to master your mind
  • The impact that “decision fatigue” can have on your stress levels
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About the Guest:

Rob Brus is the Founder of Go All In, a podcast centered on deep-dive conversations with guests to learn from their unadulterated failures and euphoric successes. He has interviewed BIG names like Grant Cardone on his podcast and people from all walks of life with amazing ‘all in’ stories that listeners can draw inspiration from to ‘do whatever it takes’ and live life to its absolute maximum potential.

With over 15 years of digital marketing and business development experience, Robert strategically connects industry experts, executives, thought leaders, and podcasters on Go All In to build connections and create impactful stories and lessons that will bring value to the world.

He recently released his Masterclass: Master Your Mind and Go All In, which is a culmination of his 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, 400+ podcast interviews, and 10+ years in the army.

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