6 Steps To a Simplified Marketing Plan with Mostafa Hosseini

Simplify Your Marketing Plan

For many passion-driven entrepreneurs, figuring out marketing can feel daunting so they avoid developing a plan. With a “trial and error” approach, and one to two solid performing strategies, they end up feeling passed over for great opportunities because their ideal clients can’t “see them” when it’s time to book someone.

But what if you could simplify your marketing plan (and streamline your marketing efforts) so that it’s easier to attract ideal clients? Mostafa Hosseini joins me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 261 to reveal a better way to nail down your best-performing marketing effort.

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Key Takeaways

  • [[4:26] How Mostafa’s overwhelm helped him discover the value of simplifying marketing efforts
  • [6:23] The value of pruning what’s not working to identify the marketing effort that performs best
  • [9:35] Why trying to serve everyone is creating marketing overwhelm (and not really working anyway)
  • [13:51] The most effective way to get more customers in today’s market.
  • [21:05] A simple practice of calling current customers that is leading to a lot of new business.
  • [24:33] Mostafa shares his six-step simple marketing formula.
  • [27:13] That the differentiating factor is and why we need this in our marketing plan.
  • [33:09] Mostafa’s big why and how it became his guiding force in business.
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About the Guest:

Mostafa Hosseini Helps Coaches and Consultants Create & Implement Their 1-Page Marketing Plan In 3 Days or Less. Mostafa is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, founder of Persyo Inc and:
• Host of Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Podcast
• Creator of Simple Marketing Formula
• Creator of Simple Offer Formula
• And much more
He has been coaching and consulting for the past 11 years, helping businesses in various niches and industries grow, scale and become more profitable.

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