It's time to stop being invisible - create a message that is irresistible to your aligned audience!

5-Day Online Challenge | May 15th - May 19th

In this challenge, I’ll walk you through five steps to craft a compelling message that speaks directly to your ideal clients (who are ALREADY out there searching for your superpowers!

Are you a coach, course creator, expert or service professional that struggles with creating a message that attracts your ideal clients?


 Do you find yourself stumbling over your words when explaining what you do? Or put out stellar content only to get “crickets” from your audience or social posts?


 Perhaps you know it is time to get on more podcasts and stages, but you never seem to get the invite (or good results from your efforts?)

After you complete the 5 steps, you'll have a Magnetic Message that will help you:

Introduce yourself and your work with clarity and confidence
Land ideal podcasts, shows and stages that becomes your 24/7 lead generator
Transform listeners and lurkers into hot leads
Develop other messaging for assets like your “freebies”, authority platforms and signature offerings
Ditch the Best-Kept Secret Syndrome as you position yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

Over the course of five days, you'll receive daily short video training videos and a downloadable worksheet that will help you hone your message and attract your ideal clients.

You'll also receive exclusive access to a private Facebook community of like-minded professionals who are all committed to amplifying the reach of their work and making a bigger impact by “monetizing” their message..

Here's the 5 Day Challenge

“Magnetize Your Message” Agenda:

Day 1: Identify your aligned ideal client

Day 2: Activate your unique sales Advantage

Day 3: Craft Your Magnetic Messaging Bridge

Day 4 : Messaging Soundbites That Stand Out

Day 5: Amplify Your Magnetic Message

"Melanie quickly helped me implement better messaging sound bytes for better results in my trainings -- and the real bonus was when she uncovered a new profit center for our business."

"I’ve employed a lot of coaches and mentors, but what I appreciate about Melanie is her methodology. Through her process I was able to work through my sound bites and an Influence Formula that really works! I presented it at a mastermind and it was so catchy it landed us new clients."

- Anne Lackey, Hire Smart Virtual Employees

This challenge is completely free, and there's no obligation to purchase anything (although if you tend to get busy, you’ll want to grab your Evergreen Pass to keep access to all your materials.)

This challenge is simply a way for you to test-drive what it's like to work with me and see if The Guest Expert System is a good fit for you (and gain some VALUABLE clarity in the process.)

To join the Magnetize Your Message 5-Day Free Challenge, simply enter your name and email address below. We'll send you all the details and get you started on the path to creating a message that magnetizes your ideal clients.

Don't wait - sign up now and start attracting the clients you've been dreaming of!
We get started on May 15th!


Check out these Real Life Results Using Strategies in my Guest Expert System:

"As a 20 year entrepreneur and marketer, I've worked with amplification strategies and business tactics for years. But what Melanie does is next level. Her genius is to see your unique offering and amplify it so it's irresistible to your ideal customer. 

After 2 years of marketing my potent, and often thought of esoteric work, she quickly pinpointed the space where the magic wasn't visible to others and guided me to messaging that captures it perfectly. My only regret is not finding her sooner. If you're tied of following strategies and tactics that aren't delivering greater impact, visibility and income - work with Melanie."

Update Dec 2020: "Using your pitch technique, I heard from a top podcast host that she accepted my pitch, even though she NEVER accepts anything but referrals!"

Tracy Yates

Transformational Architect

"After implementing the first 3 modules, and using the ROCS Messaging Method I doubled my opt ins within the first 24 hours!"

Teena Evert

Claim The Lead

"I applied the Guest Expert System to my webinar and increased conversion by 30%! And I'm using these techniques on my email marketing for an 84% increase! If you are looking for someone to support you on every level -- to amplify success -- you'll want to find a way to work with Melanie. I've been able to raise my rates and launch my #SocialTrust platform."

Deb Coman

Founder of #SocialTrust

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