Become a respected authority in your industry, magnetize your ideal clients, and discover the proven framework for leveraging guest expert talks to attract more of your perfect clients.


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What if you could attract more of your best clients... simply giving your message a tune-up?

My Magnetic Messaging System contains everything you need to up your game and uncovers a powerful client attraction technique that will generate new leads and clients for you for years to come.

Do you have:

  • A powerful message that can help others (but you know you get a bit tongue-tied when you try to explain your work.)
  • A burning desire to scale your reach and impact the lives of more people (without the need to travel from stage to stage.)
  • Concepts that you know are powerful (but you worry they sound too much like what other people are doing.)
  • Excitement to ride the fast-growing visibility wave that podcasting and other virtual speaking platforms can provide.
  • A need to maximize your time and energy and get the most out of every single guest talk you give (who wants to waste time, right?)

If you can identify with at least one of the above, you’ll want to keep reading…


You see, there are 3 big mistakes that I see when entrepreneurs try to land and leverage guest expert talks and podcasts to bring in new clients…

Missing The Golden Thread

Their message is lacking a proper ‘Golden Thread’ that draws in their ideal clients and makes them invested in working together.

Message Is Not Standing Out

They know they have a great message, but they are passed over time and again for coveted events and podcasts...simply because they don’t know how to make their message stand out.

No Compelling Message

They don’t have the clarity or confidence to create compelling they never convey how they are uniquely qualified to solve their client's biggest problems!

If you’re like most struggling entrepreneurs, these mistakes sound all too familiar to you. Until now, you’ve just been doing what you’re told… trying to land podcasts, over-promoting your services in Facebook groups, and maybe throwing some paid ads out there and hoping a few might convert.

And that’s okay, because that’s all you’ve known to do...until NOW!

And if you DON’T fix your messaging problem?

If you stay stuck in this place, you’ll keep spinning your wheels… putting time and effort into podcast interviews, online events, or even live stages with NO ROI.

You’ll continue wasting your valuable time. This vicious cycle will leave you overworked and underpaid.

You’ll continue attracting the wrong clients that suck the fun right out of the work you used to love waking up to do.

It’s the fastest route to burnout and you’ll be more likely to quit… before you have anything to show for all the hours, weeks, and years you’ve poured into your business.

Any messaging master knows…

When you finally master your message, learn how to effortlessly monetize your podcast, and create a signature talk that converts interviews to cash…

It changes your business. It builds your authority. It brings you clients (with ease).

It’s life-changing.

So how can you master your messaging?

Now that you know how important your messaging is, maybe you’re chomping at the bit… ready to go out and re-engineer your talking points, make some pitches to land podcasts, and update your marketing materials so they work better.

But it’s easier said than done, right?

You see, making that change on your own is harder than you think.

Most entrepreneurs are so close to their own business that they can’t see what’s right in front of them. In fact, many business owners name creating their own messaging as one of the most difficult aspects of marketing.

If you feel like this, you’re not alone.

It’s normal.

And, thankfully, there IS a solution!

Imagine with me for a moment...

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning to an inbox flooded with your ideal clients practically begging to work with you…

Imagine opening up your laptop to find you’ve raked in 3 more high-ticket clients overnight…

Imagine being excited to jump on sales calls because you know you’re going to be chatting with someone who is perfectly-aligned (and primed) to work with you…

Imagine clients so happy with their results from your time together that they happily gush about it in a beautifully-crafted review...

Imagine being overbooked with hot podcast interviews and knowing exactly what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it…

Imagine getting a steady stream of ideal clients for years to come from ONE podcast guest interview…

Got the picture?

It might sound too good to be true, but you can stop pinching yourself… because it CAN be your reality!

If you’re tired of pouring countless hours into your content only to be drowned out by the noise of others in your industry that sound exactly the same…

...It’s time for the Magnetic Messaging System.

The Magnetic Messaging System is NOT like any other course you may have taken to land yourself on podcasts, attract clients, or work on your messaging. It’s a complete transformational system that will reconstruct your messaging and turn your podcast interviews, online talks, and stages into ideal client magnet machines...

My Magnetic Messaging System contains everything you need to transform your messaging from boring to captivating in just 6 weeks (or less)!

Here's what we cover inside the Magnetic Messaging System...

  • Six Video Training Modules that turn everything you think you know about messaging on its head. You’ll learn what successful entrepreneurs are doing to create messages that magnetize in their lead magnets, on stage and delivering guest expert interviews.
  • Plug-and-play messaging templates that every entrepreneur should have (but most don’t).
  • Action guides to keep you accountable and ensure you’re making real progress throughout the course.
  • Plus a One-On-One Messaging Audit! This is your chance to get a personalized audit of your business and messaging directly with me to discover how well your messaging is working...and the exact areas you need to improve.
Enroll In The Magnetic Messaging System

It’s Your Time to Shine

Just like these Messaging Masters…

Teena Evert

“After using the first 3 modules and the Unique Profit Amplifier step, I doubled my opt in’s within the first 24 hours.”

Teena Evert Claim The Lead
Deb Coman

“I applied the Magnetic Messaging System to my webinar and increased conversion by 30%! And I’m using these techniques on my email marketing for an 84% increase!”

Deb Coman Content Marketing Strategist
Natalie Green

“The Get Magnetic Messaging process helped me create my signature talk, talking points and booking system so i feel confident getting my message out there.”

Natalie Green Author, Founder of ABS Trauma Method


Will you be next?

Each Magnetic Messaging System module is packed full of video trainings, exercises, and downloads to move you forward in your business… not just teach you stuff!

Here’s what’s waiting inside once you enroll in the Magnetic Messaging System…

We'll Use My Proven Formula for Amplifying Results

I call it the Unique Profit Amplifier (or UPA): This one technique will not only help you deliver better interviews (and talks), but it will change the way you do everything from creating your programs, to marketing, to sales. 

Aligned With Your Superpower: The cure for burnout and boredom. This pillar of your UPA becomes your Secret Attraction Factor 

Positioned for Profitability: Stop working too hard for too little results. Your UPA helps you scale your revenues with less effort.

Binge-Worthy Offer: A UPA solves a costly problem for your best clients so you'll discover how to get out of your own way and really deliver what your clients need most  (that means more sales, my friend!)

After Completing The Six-Step Magnetic Messaging Program, You'll Walk Away With...

  • The confidence and know-how to effortlessly pitch, deliver, and monetize podcast guesting and speaking.
  • A perfectly-positioned interview topic (or signature talk) that gets you booked FAST!
  • A catchy, compelling Bold Influence Formula that transforms "interested" listeners into excited prospects and buyers.
  • Noteworthy interviews that seed your best offers and position you as the go-to expert in your industry.
  • A buzz-worthy pitch that attracts more event or podcast hosts. They’ll be knocking down your door trying to book you!
  • Strategies to move listeners to leads to buyers, funneling them into your highest paying offers.
  • Magnetic Messaging that attracts your ideal clients so that you don't have to work so hard to increase your revenue.


That’s a lot of value...

If you add it all up, the value contained inside the on-demand Magnetic Messaging System is well over $4,000. And if you’re anything like Deb, you’ll earn that much or more by applying what you learn before you’re even completely through the course. But, you’re not going to pay anywhere near that to get access today!

Choose The Best Path For Your Needs!

Sign Up With Full Pay And Get This Fast Action Bonus


When you choose the full pay option you'll also score my own podcast directory (of shows that I've been on) to help speed up your podcast bookings. A chance to be a guest expert on the most recognized podcasts!

And since I know you need peace of mind…

I get it. You’ve been through other courses in the past. You need to know that there’s value in this system.

That’s why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (you’ve got 30 days, or completion of the first module, whichever happens first) to discover firsthand the power of this system.

If the course contents don’t live up to your expectations and doesn’t help you craft a magnetic message that converts your talks into clients... just let me know and we will issue you a refund promptly.

I’m Melanie Benson, a Profit Amplifier and creator of the Magnetic Messaging System.

I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, content creators, "expert-preneurs" and business leaders for 20 years. My superpower? Crafting visibility strategies that transform the "invisible expert" into a sought-after, well-paid authority. Before that, I spent 12 years in corporate America honing the art of optimizing profitable results.

Having delivered hundreds of talks from stages all over the globe, I've discovered that a Magnetic Message is the key to attracting my ideal clients.

Today my favorite platform to attract my BEST CLIENTS AND POSITION MY AUTHORITY -- that's ABSOLUTELY FREE -- is being a guest on someone else's podcast or online show.

I'm also the host of Amplify Your Success Podcast where I feature thought leaders, change-makers and fellow experts who have Amplified their Superpowers -- and am a regularly featured Podcasting ICON at industry events like New Media Summit and Podfest.

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Over the years I've been featured on at least 450 podcasts and online shows...

I'm blessed every time I'm invited to share my message as I know thousands (if not millions) of people are being inspired to do something BOLD and impactful.

But the best part is, some of these podcast episodes have attracted my BEST CLIENTS, and have continued to drive leads and paying clients for years and years! 

I’m SO excited to share my unique system with you and watch you run with it.

Show Me How To Monetize My Talks

Here's What To Expect From The Magnetic Messaging System

Six Video Trainings

Six Modules with Downloadable Templates

6 complete modules with downloadable templates to help you streamline your podcast interviewing process. I will guide you through the six-step system and provide all the templates and tools you’ll need to implement each step so you can take action FAST. Need audio-only options? No problem. You’ll also get access to the MP3 files from each training. 

Client Avatar Training

Discover Your Ideal Client

As part of the Pre-Work you will have the opportunity to analyze and create your ideal client avatar. By going through this exercise you are able to create magnetic messaging to attract high paying customers faster!

Magnetic Messaging Audit

Kickstart Your Clarity with a Messaging Audit

Around week five, you’ll have a chance to book a private messaging audit with me where I’ll spend 20 minutes reviewing your materials, identifying potential roadblocks, and prioritizing your next steps to getting booked (and monetizing your efforts). This one step is worth the entire investment… getting clarity is priceless! 

Ready To Jump In?

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Here Are Some Answers to Commonly Asked Questions...

Q: Will I be guaranteed to land podcasts after this program?

I can't guarantee you'll land that coveted podcast or stage, but I can say you'll be able to land way more stages and podcasts than you would without knowing your Magnetic Message. This process will help you get clear messaging and use catchy sound bytes that producers are looking for! Plus you’ll quickly see which shows and events are aligned so you stop wasting time on events that don’t attract your ideal prospects (and that’s priceless clarity!)

Q: Is there a program guarantee?

We do offer a Risk-Free Guarantee. Take 30 DAYS to decide (or enjoy the first Module - whichever comes first). I want you to be a raving fan of the Magnetic Messaging Program. I am so convinced this program will impact your business, that I’m giving you 30 days to put it to work. If after that time you’re not completely convinced you’ll be able to gain more interviews, leads, and clients from your talks, then we’ll refund you. That’s how serious we are about helping you change your life.

Q: Do I need to have a business to take this program?

No, you don't have to have a business but you do need to know what your core message is to really benefit from this process. 

Q: How soon will I see results from this investment?

As soon as you start pitching your topic to podcast producers and get on your next podcast -- or stage! Many of our graduates saw results EVEN BEFORE THEY COMPLETED the program. As soon as you implement each step, you’ll start seeing immediate results.

Q: What if I enroll and get started but realize this isn't right for me?

I know from time to time this happens. We request that you complete at least the first module, and if you find that we are not in sync and this program is not right for you, you'll have a chance to request a full refund if it's within the first 30 days. But we hope you won't give up before you give this full system a try. We just know you'll be delighted with the results! 

Q: How do I know I'm ready to get on podcasts? Can it be too early?

It's only too early if you don't have an offering of some kind and you are lacking the passion to share your message with more people! Even if you don't yet have a "freebie" or book to share, you can still massively benefit from this process. Many of our graduates find creative ways to share their Next Step -- we’ll help you discover the PERFECT way to monetize your guest podcasting and speaking.

Q: How do the payment plans work?

Depending on what level of support you are enrolling in, the payment plans are designed to break down your investment into 3 installments. 

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