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Skyrocket Your Business While Doing More Good In The World

What if you knew that doing good in business would also help you do more good in the world? Leading a business often requires the business owner or CEO to grow in multiple ways, including communication skills and management prowess.

Balancing logical growth steps with intuition requires a mastery of Emotional EQ, and is a key ingredient to navigate stakeholder priorities and team member needs.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 361, Joshua L Berry, world-class facilitator of change and director of Econic, delves into the topic of leadership strategies that do good in business. 

Inside the episode Joshua and I explore the importance of values and purpose in business, and how businesses that prioritize doing good for multiple stakeholders often outperform their competitors, and the importance of trusting employees and treating them with respect.

If you’ve ever wondered how to skyrocket your business while doing more good in the world, this episode will encourage listeners to think bigger and aim for greater visibility and impact in their businesses.

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Key Takeaways

  • [04:07] How being a world-changer is good business. 

  • [06:25] Identifying and developing greatness in your team members positions a business for sustainable success.

  • [12:22] Melanie reveals a transformational moment from her corporate career that opened the door to coaching as a career.

  • [15:51] How doing good as a leader influences decisions, creates thriving culture, and deepens employee commitment.

  • [19:16] The importance of shifting your assumptions to “people are inherently good.”

  • [23:11] Joshua shares how abundance mindset influenced his bonus structure.

  • [27:30] What can happen when small business owners prioritize employees over profits.

  • [31:38] Leaders can move beyond rational thinking and integrate “naivety” for better team performance.

  • [35:06] Left corporate job, started failed start-up. Evolved experience into successful


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About The Guest:

Joshua Berry is a world-class facilitator of change. As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and director of Econic, Joshua has spent the last two decades evolving the what, who, and why of Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed startups. Along with his team, Joshua has sparked change in organizations like US Bank, John Deere, Procter & Gamble, Nelnet, Ameritas, Omaha Public Power District, Farm Credit Services of America, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, among others.

For employees and leaders looking to grow themselves and their organizations, Joshua speaks on overcoming limiting beliefs, adaptive leadership, and the innovation systems and mindsets that create engines for growth. Learn more at econic.co and joshualeeberry.com.


Website & SM Links:

Website: www.econic.co

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joshberrygphr

Twitter: www.twitter.com/@josh_berry


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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