The 5 Podcast Lead Types and How They Buy

How to Nurture Podcast Listeners and Transform Them Into Buyers

Being a guest expert with other people’s audiences is a solid strategy to attract ideal clients. But if you are overly focused on everyone’s favorite of the lead types, The Action Taker, you will miss out on some of your best buyers!

In my experience, after guesting on over 1050 podcasts and online shows, I’ve detected at least 5 types of buyers. Each lead type has a unique way they build rapport with you and check out your credibility BEFORE they buy. Knowing how each Lead Type buys will help improve your ROI!

On episode 281 of Amplify Your Success Podcast I’ll talk through the 5 Lead Types and how to create a buying path for each type so you can ensure your hot leads become clients!

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Key Takeaways

  • [2:57] The critical mistakes people are making by underestimating the ROI of being a guest expert
  • [6:51] Overview of the 5 types of leads from Other People’s Podcasts and how they buy.
  • [10:36] The one lead type that will be an Action Taker *if* you have the right title and messaging.
  • [12:05] An example of The Skeptic Lead Type and how to help them feel confident in buying.
  • [14:42] I share the best strategy to nurture your Lurkers  (and how an 18 year Lurker became a paying client and invested $20k in coaching.)
  • [16:20] The ONE lead type that rarely ever buys and how to repel them out of your network.
  • [20:00] What happens in my Guest Expert System to help you identify and leverage the best leads for you from other people’s audiences.
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