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Grow your audience and make more sales on other people’s platforms

On Amplify Your Success episode 351, I’ll reveal the lead generation strategy that activates a flood of 4-5 figure clients, part of my proven Authority Accelerator strategy. You won’t want to miss this episode if you’ve been frustrated with lackluster social media engagement.

I’ll discuss the common problem of content getting lost in the sea of social media noise and share the success story of a client who doubled his rates simply by implementing a consistent and effective social media strategy. Learn this strategy’s key components, including teaching in a way that disrupts the scroll, showcasing thought leadership, and ensuring brand alignment.

Listeners can expect to learn about the power of frameworks and concepts, and how to effectively share case studies and results without sounding salesy. I’ll highlight the importance of authority positioning showcases, where entrepreneurs can borrow credibility from others to strengthen their own brand. This strategy has the potential to not only attract leads but also lead to lucrative speaking opportunities.

If you’re ready to activate a flood of high-paying clients, tune in to this episode of Amplify Your Success and discover the lead generation strategy that can transform your social media presence.

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Key Takeaways

  • [01:46] Inconsistent social media presence leads to success.

  • [03:15] My highest performing ideal client attraction strategy.

  • [06:16] How your content strategy amplifies thought leadership through frameworks.

  • [10:45] Four types of content: media features, speaking opportunities, handraisers.

  • [13:35] The secret to transforming social media lurkers into leads lies in finding resonance and common ground in what they need.

  • [17:37] A walk through of a reformatted content strategy for effective posting on Facebook.

  • [20:19] A DM lead strategy that doesn’t come across too salesy (but is highly effective.)


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