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Your application will be reviewed within 24 - 36 hours (unless it is a weekend or holiday.) As part of the application process, you may receive a call or email from a member of my team to clarify your answers and to schedule our appointment.

If you are serious about upleveling your business and success through one of my programs, you'll want to follow up quickly! I'm looking for high-achievers and passion-driven entrepreneurs who are committed to their next level of success.

In order to get the best results possible, I'd like you to start preparing RIGHT NOW. There are a few things I'd like you to do to get clear on what you want as well as get more familiar with the results my clients typically achieve.

First, please make a list of your greatest opportunities for your business and for you as a leader. Its important that I understand your bold goal and vision for your business (and life.)

Then outline what you see as your biggest growth bottlenecks, barrier or breakdown areas. Prioritize your top five issues and challenges you most need help with.

Start reflecting on the cost each issue has to your bottom line and your peace of mind.

Once our call is booked, you can email these answers to me so I can really focus on your most important profit factors.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. =-)



If you have any questions feel free to contact my support team at

P.S. My philosophy in life is that every person is smart and capable. But we all have blind spots and experience limiting beliefs. Most of my clients are already successful. They either want to achieve more without having to work harder or desire to be in the top 2% (which means they need a coach to help them refine their approach to success.)

Here's a few people that have achieved significant shifts through out our work together so you can see what's possible...

“When I met Melanie I was completely stuck in my business. I was a one-man show, my income had plateaued, and my frustration had risen. Since working together in 2007 my six figure income has more than doubled, in no small part, because of Melanie’s coaching.”.

Evan Marc Katz, Author of “Why He Disappeared”, Dating Coach For Smart, Strong, Successful Women

“Melanie has an uncanny ability to unearth seemingly simple solutions that produce huge financial results! She’s helped me root out my head trash and see possibilities to exponentially grow my business (which I took massive action on!) But more importantly, her ‘spot on’ personal coaching has helped refuel my passion and purpose for my business, as well as significantly increase my enjoyment.”

Jim Palmer, Author of Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger and Dream Business Coach

“My business partner and I hired Melanie at a time when we could no longer use the strategy that helped us make our first six figures – it was literally killing me. By implanting her optimum performance strategies I was finally able to work less, take real vacations AND grow into a seven figure business! Melanie is the mentor that saved my life!”

Callan Rush

After just one day with Melanie I had a restructured game plan and tools to achieve a 500% increase in my business. I implemented just one strategy from our private one day session and experienced a huge breakthrough in my sales process. I covered my coaching fees within 24 hours of our first session!”

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