Intimacy With Your Inner Thought Leader with Allana Pratt | Podcast Episode 92

AYS Podcast Ep 92

AYS Podcast Epi 92

As a visionary, thought leader or transformational change agent, intimacy with our own dream is essential to keep that fire burning and the desire necessary to keep pursuing our goals.

But way too often entrepreneurs and business leaders find themselves chasing someone else’s dream, and the motivation to climb the next “success” mountain is lost.

My guest on episode 92 of Amplify Your Success Podcast is Allana Pratt and she joins me for a powerful exploration on a subject not talked about enough – intimacy with our own voice!

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Key Takeaways

  • Allana transparently reveals her own story of how she lost and recovered her intimate connection with herself – and how her business suffered then flourished during that time.
  • How to cultivate an intimate relationship with our own dream and voice to become a stronger champion for change and transformation.
  • What kind of inner game intimacy practice you can use (and its really quite simple) so as to congruently, consistently and courageously live our visionary businesses
  • How intimacy and creativity our wound together and one without the other can mean a loss of motivation!
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About The Guest

Relationship Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt inspires open-hearted living so that you live your purpose unapologetically. Allana says Intimacy = In To Me I See… when we look inside, what is our relationship with our Self? with Money? With our Business? Our Dreams?

A featured weekly contributor on the GoodMenProject, expert on CBS, TLC, FOX, Forbes, People Magazine and Huffington Post, this cum laude graduate of Columbia University is the Author of 4 books that remove sabotaging blocks so you can be your best self personally and professionally.

Allana hosts the sexy empowering Podcast “Intimate Conversations” to guests like Grammy Award-winning Alanis Morissette. Leeza Gibbons asked Allana to coach her during Dancing with the Stars and now over 2.8 million viewers on Youtube look to Allana when struggling to trust themselves so they can create healthy thriving intimate relationships and professional success.

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