6 Types of Inner Work That Improves Your Level of Success

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Being an entrepreneur often means unlocking a bigger capacity to handle challenges and overcome unforeseen obstacles. I’ve often said that having your own business is one of the most valuable personal development courses you can ever enroll in.

What most of us realize along the way is, the “inner work” is essential to have the resilience required to grow a business. But what does “inner work” even mean? And what kind of “inner work” really helps?

On episode 304 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’ll take you into my own healing journey and how I’ve overcome limiting beliefs, what resources I’ve found helpful in healing trauma, and the little habits that help me have energy and focus in my day-to-day activity. 

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Key Takeaways

  • [3:22] Where I first discovered that success is an inside game.
  • [5:02] How NLP helped me unlock my resilience and full capacity.
  • [7:23] What I discovered about unhealed trauma and its insidious impact over your mind, decision making and confidence.
  • [9:15] Quick fixes versus learning how to use tools for on-going “course correction.”
  • [12:47] Why eating clean is a key part of the inner work that expands your focus, energy and ability to feel ready to take on bigger goals.
  • [21:54] Trauma healing resources that I found helpful.
  • [16:42] How Human Design helped me own my strengths and embrace my unique decision making approach.
  • [23:09]The importance of creating a high-vibe container to overcome the challenges and fears that surface as you grow.
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