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Introducing the Amplify Inner Circle, with Melanie Benson

The Amplify Inner Circle is a premium online membership for entrepreneurs who want to be part of a high-vibe community and are ready to supercharge their mindset, conquer their business growth goals and optimize their business and life for maximum success in 2021.

After 12 months in the Amplify Inner Circle, you will have:

  • Identified your signature offering and activated your “Unique Profit Amplifier” that triggers consistent, predictable 6 figure revenue (or even 7 if you are ready!)
  • Created compelling, MAGNETIC messaging that eliminates the “best kept secret syndrome” so you get the lead, book the client and experience the “momentum effect!”
  • Deployed your Amplify Visibility Plan that positions you as The Authority (so you flip searching and struggling for opportunity into a solid, actionable lead generation system.)
  • Optimized your Client Journey so you stop “bleeding leads” and fill your programs with YOUR ideal clients.
  • Mastered the Enrollment Conversation so you are confident and capable of enrolling 80 - 90% of your prospects into high-paying, aligned programs.
  • Simplified your growth effort so you stop feeling overwhelmed, scattered and worried “if it will really work” by introducing time-saving, PROFITABLE offerings...all while you enjoy more of what’s REALLY important to you.

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Who Is In Amplify Inner Circle?

My Amplify Inner Circle is for coaches, consultants, service providers, content creators -- anyone who is building (or upleveling) a thriving business around their expertise.

You aren’t looking to just make a few bucks doing what you love - you want to make a greater impact, grow your reach AND enjoy financial abundance.

You recognize that success is WAY more than what you do, it's WHO YOU ARE! You thrive by integrating “inner work” that supercharges your focus and motivation with proven strategies that amplify results.

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A Little Bit About Me...

If you feel like you’re working WAY too hard for your current level of income, then you’re facing the same dilemma as many other entrepreneurs.

I’m Melanie Benson, I'm known internationally as a Profit Amplifier.

Over the last 20 years I’ve coached every level of entrepreneur -- some who were making seven figures but experiencing consistent cash flow challenges, many who couldn’t break past the early five figures! I developed an easy-to-implement strategy designed to give profit-challenged entrepreneurs a simple way to stop grinding out a living, and start building a business they love.

The Profit Explosion Toolkit: Create Your 12 Month Revenue Rush Plan is kinda like having a GPS in your car to get you where you want to go. It maps out for you EXACTLY what you need to do, what UPA to offer, and precisely when -- to get the results you want.

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