At 11 years old he had regular conversations with Larry King. He launched Snoop Dog’s podcast. And he’s had some pretty big names on his podcast.

It all started when Ryan learned the power of influencing the influencers.

Influence isn’t what many people think it is. According to Ryan it’s not how many Instagram followers you have. It’s not about how much money you make. It’s not even about the number of people on your subscriber list.

It has to do with your ability to inspire others into action.

On episode 119 of Amplify Your Success Podcast listen in as Ryan Williams, author of The Influencer Economy and I talk about how to build your own influence by leveraging the authority and credibility of others.

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Key Takeaways

  • What an influencer really is (and more importantly what it’s not.)
  • Why connecting with influencers can be a key strategy to get instant “borrowed” authority for your own offerings.
  • Ryan shares a simple approach to reach influential people to build your own network.
  • Thinking about starting a podcast? Ryan and I cover the pro’s and con’s on podcasting as a way to increase your influence in your niche.
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About the Guest:

Ryan Williams is a strategy consultant and keynote speaker who has worked with companies including Google, Microsoft, Disney, Minecraft, Activision, Warner Bros., and National Association of Realtors. He  also launched and marketed Snoop Dogg’s podcast to iTunes.

He’s the author of “The Influencer Economy: How to Launch Your Idea, Share it With the World, and Thrive in the Digital Age”  and hosted a podcast with over 100 rare interviews with a number of prominent leaders like Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly, Jemele Hill (ESPN) and Troy Carter (Spotify). Inc. Magazine declared it the #7 podcast “to make you smarter, better, and wiser.”

He’s been featured in Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Success Magazine, Business Insider, Social Media Examiner, & USA Today. He’s been a stand-up comedian, performing at the famed Improv; ran a comedy talent promotions company; worked as a film assistant on HBO’s The Wire, Ugly Betty, and on Breach for Oscar nominated Billy Ray.

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