How to Increase Sales When No One is Buying

Pinpoint What’s Wrong to Increase Sales From Your Offers

If you’re experiencing lower-than-usual sales, it’s essential to identify the real reason why people aren’t buying your offers. While it can be easy to assume that your prices are too high or your offer isn’t aligned, the actual reason may be something completely different.

Before you deep-dive into rebuilding all your offers or creating yet another new lead magnet, or worse, making up a story in your mind that you aren’t good at marketing your business, be sure you know how to assess the problem so you focus on the right solution.

On episode 326 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’ll guide you through the same steps I use to assess a sales problem for a client so you can pinpoint what’s really not working.

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Key Takeaways

  • [3:57] Client case study of a one-time $250k launch that couldn’t be repeated (and what was really the problem.)
  • [5:49] The most common problem behind poor sales – how you build your audience.
  • [7:44] I talk about a super challenging time when my email technology automatically lost 40% of my subscribers.
  • [10:38] Positioning issues and why it is the root of many sales and conversion issues.
  • [13:17] Using Action Catalysts to move passive leads into active participants and buyers.
  • [17:25] Pricing problems and how they surface to destroy your sales.
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