If you are a service provider, chances are you’ve got some competition, at least in the eyes of your potential client. When its time for them to hire someone who does what YOU do, they’ll go looking online (or ask some friends), to find someone they know-like-trust. So, how do you cut through all that noise and get ideal clients to see your offers (and choose you to work with you?)

Inside this video, I’ll reveal:

  • The 3 most common reasons why many entrepreneurs are frustrated with their ability to get seen (and hired) by their ideal clients!
  • Important steps you can take TODAY to attract perfect clients from your guest talks (especially when you are featured on a podcast)
  • What a Magnetic Message is and why its CRUCIAL to uncover yours if you put out a lot of messages that get ZERO response.
  • Plus, what to do if you feel INVISIBLE to ideal opportunities and passed over by perfect clients so that you become the most logical choice.


Want to leverage podcast guesting to boost your authority, attract your perfect clients and create that buzz and momentum needed to land more opportunities?

Be sure to avoid these 17 Mistakes that Cost You The Lead (and I’ll show you how to use my proven 3 part formula to get more dream clients.)

I’ll explain the simple, common reasons that guesting on podcasts and virtual stages leaves you empty handed and frustrated so you know how to deliver a talk that turns passive listeners into paying clients.

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