Have you ever talked yourself out of following up with a potential client? Do you get uncomfortable in sales conversations? Selling is a key part of business success but if you get stuck in The Ick Factor, you might be dropping the sales conversation prematurely, which will significantly impact your revenues.

What if you could get past the Ick Factor and master the art of closing more deals with your perfect clients? Well my friend Christine Schlonski teaches heart-based entrepreneurs and business owners how to sell with more heart.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 187 Christine, who hosts the HeartSells Podcast, joins me to reveal a simple shift in your thinking that can lead to a big shift in your financial success!

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Key Takeaways

  • How Christine became a masterful sales trainer with over 7 figures in sales.
  • What the biggest common sales challenges are for business owners today.
  • Three really important changes you can make immediately to get past The Ick Factor in sales.
  • Why selling can be fun (this one shift makes you UBER Attractive to potential clients too!)
  • Why Christine teaches “Sales is Love” (and believes this mindset is invaluable to break six (or seven) figures in revenue.
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About the Guest:

Christine Schlonski, Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset is a Lifestyle entrepreneur, the Host of Heart Sells! Podcast and the creator of Heart Sells! Academy.

Christine works with heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs who love what they do but feel very uncomfortable when it comes to selling their products and services. She shows them how to sell with ease, grace, and confidence and helps them to ask their price while being authentic in the sales process and true to their values.

Christine’s experience includes over 12 years in successful selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events in the corporate world. As a top producer and Sales Director, she has made millions in revenue herself and through the successful sales teams, she’s built throughout her career.

In her heart, she truly believes that Sales is Love and that everyone can learn how to sell while being authentic and enjoying the journey.


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