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Human Design Types

Imagine having a unique authority code that you could unlock that will amplify the reach of your work in the world (and make marketing your business a million times easier!)

Today, I delve into the intriguing world of Human Design and understanding your unique authority and strategy can give you an unfair advantage in your visibility efforts. 

Human Design is one of a few powerful tools I use in my coaching to unlock personal potential and guide my clients to make aligned decisions. Inside Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 367, discover the dynamic relationship between the five human design types, messaging strategies and money patterns.

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Key Takeaways

  • [03:20] How understanding human design unlocks natural success codes.

  • [07:31] A massively valuable insight by discovering Manifestors have limited energy compared to generators.

  • [11:44] Finding an aligned path through understanding type, staying congruent, understanding energy management.

  • [13:44] Different Human Design authority types and how aligning to it can help you trust yourself.

  • [16:17] The cost of not trusting my decision making authority.

  • [21:51] Understanding your unique communication style and aligned messaging through the Gates.

  • [24:50] The valuable information that your “not self” theme reveals around money and business growth.

  • [28:15] How to unlock your most aligned abundance code.

  • [30:28] How to get your free human design chart.


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