How to Make Your First $100K with James Lam

Discover Six Fundamental Elements to Make Your First Six Figures

How do you monetize your unique superpower, especially when you can help create a massive transformation for others?

Creating a successful coaching program may be easier than you realized, but it may look very different than you imagined. Learning how to put all the puzzle pieces together and find a market for your offer is something that all coaches and course creators must do. 

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 297, James Lam joins me to talk through the six foundational elements to create your first six figures as a coach and course creator.

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Key Takeaways

  • [3:59]  It’s not just what you know, it’s also what you don’t know, to monetize.
  • [6:53] Why you shouldn’t create your program based on what others in your industry offer.
  • [8:23] The 6 foundational steps to monetizing your superpower. 
  • [13:33] James discusses the weight of expectations and how they can limit your success.
  • [18:09] Two common things that hold entrepreneurs back: doing the wrong things and not having the courage to level up.
  • [25:50] Why not trusting yourself can derail your bold goals?
How to Make Your First $100K with James Lam on Amplify Your Success #Podcast. Share on X

About the Guest:

James Lam, owner of LAM – Look Ahead Marketing, helps heart-centered entrepreneurs discover their superpowers and then use those gifts to shape their businesses into change-making enterprises via his 12-week signature program, Superpowered Business Success. James also built the successful franchise, Learn Photography Company, with over 5000 students at ten studios across Canada.

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