Attract New Clients Who Are Willing to Pay Your Fees

If you are a service-based business, chances are your greatest need (and often your greatest challenge) lies in attracting new clients.

But if you are in a crowded market that is often seen as a commodity, then you absolutely need a proven strategy to attract and retain clients who are ready and willing to pay your fees.

My Amplify Mastermind client Sharon Christie spent 15 years perfecting a process to being the go-to authority in her area of law practice, and it served her well as she successfully grew her law business from zero to thriving in under nine months.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 248, Sharon joins me to reveal how she now coaches and guides other female lawyers ready to create a steady stream of great clients on how to stand out, attract and sign them so that cash flow stays consistent.

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Key Takeaways

  • Four things that, when you get them right, help you overcome the biggest challenge for women in solo practice.
  • Why do women lawyers and service professionals have trouble getting new clients?
  • What the #1 thing is that a woman lawyer or service professional could do today to start getting a steady stream of great clients.
  • Why video is important to get noticed by potential clients. 
  • The importance of being a good listener in the sales process.
  • What Sharon realized she waited way too long to do in her own business.


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About the Guest:

With 15 years in a solo law practice, Sharon Christie, founder of, discovered that the secret to thriving instead of merely surviving in solo practice lies in the ability to land great clients…consistently. Sharon cracked the marketing code — catapulting her law practice clientele from ZERO to HUNDREDS in under 9 months. 

Sharon developed a proven 3 step success formula to help other female lawyers who are ready to replace the rat race with a bold, thriving law business.

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