Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You get this GREAT idea of a new product or offering. You just know it will be AMAZING and your community will jump on it. As you consider whether or not to move forward you think, “This will be EASY-PEASY” and set a date to go live.

Then, as you dig in, you start to realize there are so many moving parts and things you forgot about. That “easy-peasy” launch is now feeling a bit like an overwhelming nightmare and you feel ready to throw in the towel.

Maybe you push through, squeeze out one or two emails and a couple of social media posts. Whew! You made it! But the results are super disappointing. Like CRICKETS at midnight. All that work for peanuts!!! Now you might be saying to yourself, “Well that didn’t work and I’m never doing a launch again!”

Not so fast, friend.

Before you give up, could we at least talk about shifting to having a launch you love instead of resent?

What is a launch you love?

A “launch” is the steps you take to create an offering, warm up buyers and then sell them into the offer. Sometimes a launch is something brand new like a group coaching program, a book or even a podcast. Sometimes its taking something you already have that you want to sell more of and creating an intentional marketing campaign around.

But what I see over and over again is people just like you and me feeling…

…overwhelmed by all the steps

…unclear about what will work to attract buyers

…under-earning because they only did a few social media posts or one email to their subscribers

…frustrated by the lack of desired results

So what makes a launch you love different?

First, you’ve got to decide to do it differently. Over and over I see ambitious entrepreneurs decide they’d like some extra cash and throw together a new offering in a week and then try to get people on board. This is the formula for STRESS AND OVERWHELM. It rarely works well and honestly you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Secondly, if you want to do launches with less stress, you’ll need to hire some help. Get a coach to help you map out your game plan and use a virtual assistant you can trust to take a lot of the implementation off your plate.

Then, when you have a launch you love, its intentional. Its focused. And its based on YOUR strengths and synergy with your best clients. It means you aren’t necessarily following along a cookie-cutter model but figuring out what will work for YOU to attract your most exciting clients.

A launch you love looks more like…

  • You know what steps to take to minimize the overwhelm and confusion (which often translates to more sales!)
  • Each of your promotional steps is built around what lights YOU up so potential clients feel your excitement — which is massively magnetic to your ideal clients.
  • Instead of sleepless nights, burning the candles at both ends for weeks, you’ll feel confident and bold as you launch your offering out to the world, because you have a plan for each action step to take!
  • You can step into ‘selling mode’ with ease, confidence and enroll like masterfully because you are using a system that works for you.
  • Instead of missing deadlines and feeling behind, you’ll have the support to meet launch goals and bring in more clients, more listeners, and excited buyers.
  • But most importantly, you’ll complete your launch feeling exuberant and energized instead of needing a two month vacation from your business!

So what have you been holding back on because the idea of a “launch” freaks you out? Do you have a book, podcast, or offering that you didn’t really “launch” and it suffered in results? What if you committed to doing a launch that you love — and do it in a way that feels good?

Feel free to post in the comments and let me know what you want to get out there…and if you need some help organizing it!

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