How to Boost Sales with Big Ticket Offers

Adding a Big Ticket Offer is A Key Revenue Accelertor

When you are ready to 10x your sales and scale your business into the mid-six or even seven figures, adding a big ticket offer is a key component. If you offer a service that is typically delivered one-to-one or you are trapped in selling an hour of your time, this is a perfect opportunity to skyrocket your business revenues.

I recently guided my Amplify Mastermind through an exercise to grow and three of them decided to focus on my favorite offerings — VIP Days! VIP packages are a valuable complementary offering when you have group coaching or memberships that aren’t designed for the “premier” client who doesn’t want to wait long for results.

Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 254 will turn on some light bulbs and open up new possibilities — be sure to reach out if you want help making this type of offer work for YOUR business too!

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Key Takeaways

  • [4:22] My go-to price point for a bigger offer to boost revenues by $10k or $20k a month
  • [6:02] Why selling big-ticket offers is actually EASIER than selling low-ticket offers.
  • [7:33]] Three keys to making a big ticker offer  work in your business model (and it starts with understanding who your real buyer is.)
  • [10:15] The Positioning Trifecta: how to use it to make sure you are marketing to the right people.
  • [12:25] Why I believe VIP Days are HOT offering. I share an example of one Amplify Mastermind member who rolled out this offer and had 2 sales within 30 days.
  • [15:57] Two other types of big-ticket offers that are HOT in the market right now.
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