No matter how good a business owner is at planning, sometimes life throws a curve ball and you enter into uncertain times. Like Coronavirus creating a global pandemic. Or a family illness that requires your immediate attention. Or an economic downturn where finances get frozen. Or a failed launch that you just knew would be a smash hit.

I’ve been in business 20 years now and have weathered several storms:

  • I officially gave up my job to make my side-hustle a full-time business one week before 9/11.
  • I planned my biggest ever enrollment live event for April 2009 only to discover one week into the launch that a gigantic credit freeze had locked up most of my client’s payment options.
  • And now, just as I introduced my best program yet (Get Magnetic Messaging), the world goes into a panic and a significant portion of my community has taken a big earnings freeze.


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It’s in these moments when everything you were counting on goes haywire that you must count on your ability to pivot and adapt – quickly.

The first two events really crippled my spirits and sent me into a downward spiral. But this time, I was more prepared.

That’s because I use The 80% Plan now.

An 80% Plan is the idea that no matter how clear you are, you can only plan for 80% of possibilities. 20% will always have to get figured out on the fly.

And, truth be told, sometimes it’s more like 50%!)

I describe how the 80% Plan works on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 102 (listen in here.)

The basic idea is this…

Figure out 80% of what you need to do so you can get started and stop procrastinating. You’ll never know how everything will play out anyway.

In uncertain times, adopting an 80% Plan mindset is going to be invaluable, especially if you are launching a new offer or need to make a huge pivot in a new direction to keep business flowing in.

Here’s a few ways The 80% Plan might help you right now:

  • You don’t have to figure it all out to get started. Just figure out what the basic steps required are (aka a skeleton plan) then get into action.
  • No matter how much you plan, things will ALWAYS pop up that you didn’t anticipate. Plan time for the unknown activities that will reveal themselves along the way.
  • Even the best product launch will hit a snag. Stay nimble in the offering phase. Listen to your prospects and notice what they are asking for. Stack your offer with more value or pivot as necessary to give them what they REALLY need.
  • Don’t throw in the towel just because your plan isn’t going as you needed it too. Stay flexible and be willing to adapt as you move your goal forward. Sometimes what shifts will make things a million times better anyway.

The 80% Plan is just as much a mindset shift as it is a planning strategy. During uncertain times, the most important factor to remember is…

Don’t constrict.

Constriction might make you feel less fearful right now but protecting your finances from uncertainty but it will have a NASTY impact on you a few weeks from now.

Those that stay visible right now and continue to invest in their marketing efforts – even if they look different than planned – will have a thriving, viable business when your industry starts to normalize again.

Remember, we are all in this together my friend!

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