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As an entrepreneur or small business owner, systems can be the key to eliminating costly mistakes and accelerate growth in a more sustainable way. When you create and use a procedure, checklist or documented process, you and your team can accomplish ten times more in a fraction of the time – because you know exactly what to do. In episode 12 of Amplify Your Success, I share how a few key business growth systems help you have more creative freedom, more energy and more profitable outcomes because tasks are done on-time.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] How something as simple as following the recipe for making spaghetti sauce explains why business systems are so valuable.

[5:34] Listen to today’s episode thinking – where could a system free me up?

[6:06] A sign you need a system: there’s a breakdown, you aren’t getting the results you want, your team continues to disappoint you with their performance. Make a list of what costs you time or money because it’s not done right.

[9:49] A quick overview of some of the systems that can free you up in your business are covered, including how creating a prospect evaluation system helped a client in Australia transform his lead generation system.

[13:07] How to use procedures to document what your desired process or outcome is. This is critical when you delegate to others and you need the task to be done a specific way. A great time to create a document is if you are a show or event producer – create a document with all the details to send out to all of your guest speakers to save time and eliminate breakdowns.

[17:43] Use step-by-step instructions or checklists when someone must follow a specific set of steps to complete a task. This is also invaluable when you need anyone on your team to step in and complete tasks seamlessly. For instance, if you create a lot of new products, use a checklist with each element that must be created.

[19:29] Templates can save time and money by creating a script, visual or specific layout for documents. For instance, customer service emails could have a template or Facebook ads might need to have a specific layout.

[20:09] A form can be used to channel requests where you might have a lot of questions – like asking new prospects a series of questions or using a form with specific details that we need to evaluate in a request for speaking.

[21:45] Think of the value of systems as “I do something once, and it pays off over and over again.” Don’t try to create all of your systems at once as it can feel overwhelming. Prioritize 3 at a time and slowly build up.

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