When I first started my business I took every marketing, sales and business building class I could find. Coming from the corporate world I was starting from scratch when it came to being an entrepreneur, and I was starting my own business with the beliefs of an employee!

I learned how to use the right words to describe my offerings so that my ideal clients would want to buy from me.

And of course, I first learned who my ideal clients really were (and shockingly, it wasn’t EVERYONE.)

Then there was the selling –  the idea of which terrified me. Learning a simple and highly effective way to help a potential client decide if I was the right coach was a major breakthrough for me!

Next was program design, online marketing, cash flow planning and goal setting.

But somehow, even with a mind full of proper business building strategies, I was still stuck at $1,000 a month in business income. I felt stuck at a level of financial success that was frustrating.

Then, something big shifted. When I was on the verge of giving up,  I discovered the power of my beliefs. And quite frankly, my belief system was programmed to keep me playing small.

Deep down in my subconscious mind I was harboring a conflict between the life I thought I wanted… and the story I made up about how success might destroy it.

It was an internal conflict that was holding me hostage in struggle mode.

And the block between my goal of a six figure business and my current reality was my limiting beliefs.

Not only did I not believe it was possible to have time freedom and prosperity, I didn’t even value money. I told everyone how I didn’t really want to focus on making money. That it would diminish the value of my work.


The truth is my mindset was NOT conditioned to be successful. I was not capable of being successful – yet. So every decision I made reflected my paradigm: struggle.

Then, as I was on the verge of giving up and going back to a J.O.B., I learned how our beliefs dictate the level of success we have.

And that sometimes our mind is a trickster who hides the connection between our reality and our beliefs.

That’s when I realized that even though I’d been doing personal development for 15 years, and had all the “tools” to be successful, when my core belief was set for struggle I would always create situations to keep me in that outcome.

As I upgraded my beliefs, I found that my decision making got better and consistent income was on “auto-pilot.”


Would you like to learn how to rewire your mindset for greater success? I learned how to repattern my thoughts and habits from the “avoider” to the “thriver” MoneyDNA Blueprint — and this is the most important skill I ever learned in business.

My Rewired for Wealth book shares how to rewire your own mindset by identifying the Sneaky Success Barriers that keep most entrepreneurs stuck in struggle or over-perform mode.

Plus you’ll discover which of the 7 MoneyDNA Blueprints are shaping your financial destiny.

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