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Skip to the Front of the Line & Get Your Message In Front Of Thousands In 10 Weeks Or Less

Grab the media spotlight and amplify your credibility (and a steady stream of leads) fast!

Get set to turn up your exposure and make a greater impact.

Listed as one of the “Top 20 Podcasts to Follow in 2020”, Amplify Your Success ranks among the top 1.5% of podcasts for business and entrepreneurship. (And in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide.) 

With an audience of over 30K people, Amplify Your Success Podcast is a wellspring for entrepreneurial strategies for growth. 

If you’d like to land a spot on the show, you could wait six to twelve months for an opening.

But now you can skip to the front of the line to get in front of your target market.

Introducing . . . Amplify Your Success Podcast Guest Spot!

Showcase your message to an audience of over 30K as a guest on Amplify Your Success. Tap into my entrepreneurial market to ramp up leads and enroll more clients....and my proven strategy to leverage podcast guesting to land 5 figure clients!

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Michael Roberts

CEO at Your Company

Laoret vulput platea semper venena minim sagitt portti ipsume vertis tempor lectus lacusa evenie proina.

Michael Roberts

CEO at Your Company

Feeling excited to get booked but hesitant about giving a great interview that will deliver clients to your door?

My superpower is connecting coaches, service providers, authors and course creators with the resources to go from unknown to well-known authority.

Exposure – when done right – can be a golden ticket. But most “exposure opportunities” miss the mark . . . big time.

One podcast interview could fill your books, max out your waitlist, land a TedTalk, and blow up your following. But without the right combination of compelling content and authority positioning, it might just . . . 

Lead to crickets.

But why?

You know, the ones who are ready to buy (and follow you to the ends of the earth while tagging their rave reviews with #YourName).

If you haven’t been featured on a lot of popular shows and stages, you probably spend a chunk of your day trying to ignore the nagging thought that despite the hours and resources you poured into developing your course, lead magnet, or launch, and despite all your post-and-pray social media updates . . . 

. . . nobody’s got you on their radar.

Nobody that wants to buy that is. 

And if you have guested on high-profile podcasts before, chances are you didn’t get the results you wanted. 

That’s because most podcasts aren’t setting you up for success. It’s just not their specialty.

A few minutes on the right platform with the right host can change everything.

You craft your magnetic message and air it in front of your ideal audience, who are already primed for receptivity.

With the right approach and support, you can build your authority as a credible expert and attract leads that could become your next 4-5 figure client. 

Magnetic Messaging + My Podcast Guesting Strategy = Massive ROI on Your Amplify Your Success Podcast Guest Spot!

There is technique and strategy to crafting a magnetic message and getting in front of your ideal audience.

Unlike other “exposure opportunities,” you won’t be plopped in the deep end and left to figure it out on your own. 

When you add my Get Magnetic Messaging system to your Sponsored Episode, you’ll get my proven training and feedback to set you up for success, a year of re-shares on social media, and the opportunity to plug your shareable assets with no commissions due!

So who’s behind this revolutionary podcast and how do I get results?

Hi! I’m Melanie Benson, the Authority Amplifier.

I’ve been podcasting for over a decade and most recently my show Amplify Your Success was named one of the “Top 20 Podcasts To Follow in 2020.” It’s also been featured in Thriving Women Magazine, Women in Podcasting, and Podcast Magazine. I’m a Vurbl Ambassador for Marketing and my show hovers between the top 0.5 and 1.5% of podcasts worldwide.

That means we’ve got loyal listeners and a lot of exposure!

Over the years of podcasting, I’ve developed a golden touch for magnetic messaging that moves people from interest to being invested...in 10 days or less.

Here’s Two Options to Skip The Line and Get Booked FAST

Option #1

For the expert who’s a zillion-percent confident in their pitch, crystal clear on their call to action, and ready to rock the mic.

A one-time guest spot on the podcast for a 25 - 30 minute interview
Downloadable shareable assets including customized episode image, featured quote and a 1 minute audiogram along with pre-written posts to make sharing easy
Spotlight on all of my social platforms the week the episode airs
Feature in my weekly newsletter the week the episode airs
12 months of guaranteed shares on Twitter
Our proprietary tipsheet, Leverage Your Podcast Guesting As A Client Attraction System
The opportunity to share your lead magnet or booking information with no affiliate fee.

Option #2

For the entrepreneur who wants to hone their message so that it becomes their #1 lead source for ideal clients through my Get Magnetic Messaging On-Demand course and my personalized feedback before being featured on the show.

Everything from Option #1 PLUS . . .
Magnetic Messaging System ($1997 value), my on-demand course on how to deliver an unforgettable interview, design a compelling call to action and craft a powerful pitch that gets you booked
Access to the Magnetic Messaging HOT podcast listing, the hottest place to pitch your offer
A twenty-minute Messaging + Review feedback session to get expert coaching with me before you record
Clarity and confidence to take the mic with authority – and boost your lead flow like never before.

"Melanie, I got a 6 figure client lead after our episode aired!" 

Alan M

In less than 10 weeks, you could be reaching thousands.

Imagine where you want to be, one season from now. Come spring or summer, you could be excited to log into your social media channels because they’re overflowing with support. Your books could be filling up with your dream clients. And you could open your inbox to a speaking invitation from your absolute favorite event or platform.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I don’t want to see you waste your energy on empty “opportunities.” Instead of being in the same place three months from now, you could be taking flight in a world of success. 

I’d love to be the fuel that helps you soar.

Make Your Next Move Count

I look forward to sharing YOU with my Amplify Community!

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