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Grow your audience and make more sales on other people’s platforms

As an expert, coach or service professional, one of the proven visibility strategies that can instantly land you paying clients is being a guest speaker.

Guest Speaking is sharing your message on someone else’s platform – a podcast, a YouTube show, a virtual summit and in person events. Being a Guest Speaker on someone else’s platform gives you an advantage as you instantly gain “borrowed influence” and accelerate your own sales into a new audience.

But how does an expert land these kinds of visibility opportunities without investing a fortune on expensive speaker booking services or publicists?

On Amplify Your Success episode 347, I’ll reveal nine ways to find guest speaking opportunities in your industry, many of which are part of my proven Authority Accelerator strategy.

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Key Takeaways

  • [02:59] Speaking opportunities create magnetic audience connections.

  • [06:21] How being featured on other people’s podcasts is the perfect showcase to kickstart tons of invitations to speak at other events

  • [10:43] Why hosting your own podcast helps you build relevance with other influential people who you want to get featured by.

  • [13:27] How investing in masterminds and coaching programs can pay off through additional visibility opportunities.

  • [15:21] Develop the skill of pitching podcasters and event hosts.

  • [18:38] Common reasons why talented experts are not getting organically generated invitations to speak.


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