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Develop A Growth Mindset For Success

Are you struggling to scale your business at the pace you desire? Are you looking to accelerate your success and make bold strides in your industry? An entrepreneur’s mindset plays a pivotal role in propelling the business toward rapid success. From embracing failure as a powerful learning opportunity to learning how to identify your true business identity, a growth mindset is necessary to avoid business collapse when facing inevitable growth challenges.

Brian Will, an experienced serial entrepreneur, joins me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 370, to unlock the key components of a growth mindset that has driven billions of dollars in sales inside his own businesses. 

Inside this deep conversation, we explore the changing landscape of sales, unlocking the power of unique value propositions, understanding the complexity of hiring for growth, and uncovering the top soft skills essential for business growth and scaling.

A powerful part of this conversation centers on the transformative power of shifting your mindset in coaching to navigate obstacles, and gain the necessary mental fortitude to drive your business forward.

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Key Takeaways

  • [06:10] How Brian built multiple successful ventures – and the challenges that strengthened his fortitude along the way.

  • [08:41] Why success in business requires both a growth mindset and mentorship.

  • [12:23] How to identify and embrace your soft business skills that grow your business.

  • [14:45] The success paradox of overcoming limitations to boost business success potential.

  • [17:11] Fear and lack of delegation hinder business growth.

  • [23:19] Stand out in a crowded market and communicate effectively.

  • [28:49] How to choose a mentor (and this answer might just surprise you a bit.) 


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About The Guest:

Brian Will is an industry expert in sales and management consulting, bestselling author of “The Dropout: Multi-Millionaire” and “NO… The Psychology of Sales and Negotiations,” and a serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience. He has created seven highly successful companies across four industries, worth over half a billion dollars at their peak. Today, Brian is a visionary business leader, owning restaurants in Atlanta, an insurance and technology company in Denver, and a real estate business in Georgia and Florida. His expertise in turnaround projects and driving billions in sales make him a sought-after consultant and speaker.


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