Your Sneak Peek of the Pre-Work Module
"Identify Your Ideal Client"

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside the Get Magnetic Messaging Program! We've discovered after coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to get on more stages and land coveted podcasts that the MOST IMPORTANT MISSING INGREDIENT is...


If you don't know what you are trying to connect with as a featured guest expert, chances are you won't get ANY results.

We've pulled a 5 minute preview of the Pre-Work (this is the session that helps you get 150% ROI out of Get Magnetic Messaging!)

Inside this clip, you'll understand why knowing your audience, and what they are struggling with, is going to help you:

  • Identify a compelling topic title that gets you booked -- and gets your ideal clients to LISTEN IN to your episode (we cover this in Module 1.)
  • Address their BIGGEST concerns and needs in your talking points to move them from "interest" into "invested" -- which gets them signing up on your list (I'll walk you through this in Module 4.)
  • Craft the PERFECT offer, even if its completely FREE, to transform that listener into YOUR new lead to nurture into a paying client (this is covered in Module 2.)

Ready to create YOUR Magnetic Message, get booked on HOT podcasts and online stages, and attract your PERFECT clients into your offerings?

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Client Success Stories

The Magnetic Messaging System has been creating breakthroughs for experts, service-professionals, online business owners and influencers who want to increase their Return on Investment in client attraction strategies.

I'm thrilled to have so many of our graduates applying this process -- and getting more bookings, clients and speaking opportunities with just a few simple tweaks to their messaging.

What's the value of ONE new client -- or one new speaking opportunity? I'm guessing its at least ten times what you'd invest to learn Get Magnetic Messaging and apply it to your business.

Here's a few of our client's success stories!

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