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Mark your calendar for October 25th to the November 5th! Each day I'll send you an email with a highlighted gift -- but you'll have access to ALL of the resources ONLY for these 12 days. Be sure to access them all so you don't miss out.

Plus mark November 16th (10-4pm PT) for the Exclusive Create Your Own Economy Event. This is where you'll gain access to

Advanced training with my How to Add an Additional 6 (or 7) Figures to Your Business This Year.

Two Expert Panels during the Virtual Event to answer your big questions and discover how to level up your results.

LIVE Q&A and connection time with your peers to activate new collaborations

Plus I’ll be helping you rev up your “inner game” so your brain is activated for “optimal success and expanded possibilities!”

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You may need to white list our email address - coachmelanie@melaniebenson.com to ensure you do not miss ANY of the gifts and featured guest experts. There will be some lovely surprises along the way!

If you have any questions along the way - don't hesitate to reach out to our team at assist@melaniebenson.com

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Rewired For Wealth E-Book & Audio

Discover how you can rewire your success program to finally shift from Struggle or Over Drive to Thrive for a more expansive paradigm of success.

Learn how the subconscious mind gets programmed for scarcity and struggle -- and what to do immediately to break free of those invisible shackles so you can achieve higher levels of success...almost like it's on auto-pilot!

Learn what characteristics each of the seven MoneyDNA Blueprints carry that cause you to work harder than necessary to achieve your financial -- and business -- goals.

Uncover why you can be smart, talented AND successful -- and continue to struggle to consistently generate your desired revenue goals.

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Check your emails as we'll feature a new resource and expert each day. You can also access the gifts AND the Create Your Own Economy Action Guide below. We've extended the Giveaway to give you more time to grab your gifts.

Note - they'll only be active and accessible until November 9th!

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More VIP Bonuses Coming Soon!

1 - We'll share the details for the VIP Event as we get closer to the date. In the meantime be sure to mark your calendar for November 16th! You'll gain access to Two Expert Panels to answer your big questions and discover how to level up your results, LIVE Collaboration Pods with your peers to activate new collaborations, PLUS My advanced training and Downloadable Roadmap to Create Your Revenue Rush and Add an Additional 6 (or 7) Figures to Your Business This Year.

2 - The Recordings of the training and panel interviews will be shared a week after the event.

3 - PLUS we'll send you access to the Collaboration Currency (worth $1997) after the event.