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Everyone knows that list building is FUEL for their business. why not generate new leads AND make some cashola in the process?

If you've received this Create Your Own Economy Giveaway Contributor invitation, then chances are you've got a rockstar offering that can help our community...

  • Create more mental resilience in the face of uncertainty and a turbulent market
  • Generate cash flow on-demand, so they have tools to make money no matter what's going on in their world
  • Tap into proven visibility and client attraction tools that keep 'em front and center to their BEST prospects
  • Be capable of accomplishing BOLD leaps and dramatic improvements in their profitability
  • Own and monetize their expertise
  • Become more influential as the go-to authority in their community

Then let's get you in as one of the contributors in our upcoming giveaway. This is our second year -- last year our participants got an average of 800 - 1,200 new leads.

This year we are adding more categories and contributors to create a stronger economy for all!

Check out the content categories to see if you are a fit. We’ll only take ONE expert gift for each type of solution -- so grab your spot fast to make sure it's you we feature. 

Here Are Key "Create Your Own Economy" Categories We Are Accepting

  • Magnetic Marketing Not just any old marketing, think "Blue Ocean Strategies" and cost-effect lead gen strategies
  • Influence and Authority Stand out in a crowded market with a best-selling book, hit podcast, or commanding the stage.
  • Sales Skills Expanding the ability to enroll and sell in ANY market is key!
  • Joint Ventures & Partnerships Rapid growth strategies that leverage O-P-N (other people's networks) and leveraging your competitions' best lead sources,
  • Personal and Business Branding Show them how to build a brand that helps them stand out and make more money.
  • Social Media for Lead Gen How to transform Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube into a hot lead generation system.
  • Copywriting and Email Marketing Tools and strategies that transform the written word into a magnet for ideal clients.
  • Online Courses and Group Coaching We want them to leverage their time and talent to GROW!
  • Abundant Mindset Thinking outside the box, learning to use the law of attraction, finding more courage and learning to be "possibility" focused!
  • Team Building & Outsourcing Show them how to hire and lead a team that helps them 10x their revenues!

A few of the confirmed contributors we are excited to be featuring include...


Jennifer Henczel - 5 Day Book Bliss Bootcamp
Adam Schaeuble - The Podcast Monetization Workshop
Julie Hood - Is Your Course a Good Idea - Mini Course
Ellen Finkelstein - Grow and Profit from Your Email Subscribers
Virginia Muzquiz - Quit Prospecting, Get Referred Online Course

Take part in the Create Your Own Economy Giveaway and grow your list!

Become A Contributor Now!

Submissions Are Now Closed

Here's our contributor obligations...


Contributors should have a responsive list of at least 3000 (5,000 for Premier Level) email subscribers and/or 10,000 active social media or "group" followers. You have a recognizable brand and have built a following of service providers, entrepreneurs, online business owners.

* If you do not meet the list requirements but know you'd be perfect, please book a call with me here ASAP and we can explore if its a good fit. If you have a responsive but smaller list, you’ll be asked to email 1 - 3 more times to meet your opt in target.


Contribute A Valuable Resource

You'll be required to submit a resource on or before September 30th (not a lead magnet or freebie you use normally), valued between $97 and $497 but set up to be FREE, that will help entrepreneurs, coaches, service professionals, content creators and online business owners with one of the key categories already mentioned.


Each contributor is required to promote via email to their full list at least three times during the promotion window and at least three times on each of their social media channels. If your list is over 10k, we ask for 2 solo promotions.

You are also encouraged to do one solo Facebook and/or Instagram LIVE (depending on your best performing option). If you choose to be a Premier Level Contributor, Melanie will interview you LIVE on FB for a 10 minute spot during the Promotion Window.

Deliver Awesomeness

You'll provide a co-branded opt-in page (we will supply the art for your opt-in page) to download your gift resource no later than September 30th. You'll have one "delivery" email for the opt-ins. Contributors will refrain from emailing offers to opt-ins during the promotional period (through November 5th.)

What You'll Get as a Contributor...

  • Your name and resource in front of an estimated 100,000 participants
  • Easy to use marketing materials to promote via email and social media
  • Revenue share on any of your leads that upgrades to the Create Your Own Economy VIP Bonus Day. 40% for Contributor Level & 60% for Premier Level
  • Access to Create Your Own Economy VIP Bonus Workshop as a participant.

Take Part As A Premier Contributor To Be 


That’s a lot of value...

If you invested in FB ads or other types of JVs or bought a guest expert spot on a top podcast, you'd spend 10 to 100 times more to get in front of ideal prospects. In the Create Your Own Economy Giveaway, you'll invest $100 - $250 (and that's the best ad spend available right now!)

Choose Your Contribution Level

All Spots Sold Out & Submissions Are Closed!

  • Visibility to 100,000 (conservative) email prospects
  • Estimated 800 - 1,000 opt ins
  • Mention on Giveaway Page, Resource Download Page and Marketing Elements
Sold Out!

Limited to 20 contributors

Premier Level Contributor
  • Includes General Contributor Plus
  • Featured in Emails and Marketing Graphics
  • Placement at top of Gift Download Page
  • Featured in VIP Downloadable Action Guide
  • Feature on Panel during the VIP Create Your Own Economy Giveaway Bonus Day on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021.
  • Access to the Pop Up Create Your Own Economy Event Facebook Group for participants
  • We'll feature you in a FB Livestream segment in the exclusive participant group (you choose your day when you claim your contributor spot.)
Sold Out!

Limited to 15 Premier Level Contributors


Why is there an investment?

Because this is different from a traditional summit where we gather affiliate links for every resource and you would pay us a commission on each sale, in a Giveaway like this, you KEEP ALL THE LEADS & SALES! Yep, there is no further affiliate splits or revenue sharing required. When you invest to participate, you are covering my team costs to provide YOU the leads! It's a true win-win-win for everyone.

I’m Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier and Host of Amplify Your Success Podcast.

I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, content creators, "expert-preneurs" and business leaders for 20 years. My superpower? Crafting visibility and leverage strategies that transform the "invisible expert" into a sought-after, well-paid authority. Before that, I spent 12 years in corporate America honing the art of optimizing profitable results.

Over the 20 years I've discovered that the fastest way to amplify results is through ...collaboration. Hosting this Create Your Own Economy is one of the ways I can help each of us tap into the power of co-creating new possibilities! I hope you are a YES!



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